Furious Tornado Strikes Tennessee: 22 Dead

Furious Tornado Strikes Tennessee: 22 Dead
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A deadly tornado claimed at least 22 deaths in Tennessee. According to Nashville Fire Chief Mr. William Swann, the fire department nearly 400 emergency calls during the incident. More than 150 people were taken to the area hospital, Swann said. At least 50 buildings got damaged, and 30 metro Nashville personnel he added.  Power lines are damaged and people were advised to stay home until further details.

Bill Lee, Tennessee Governor, said that he is in touch with the White House officials. The federal government has assured him to do the needed work on the ground. A Nashville pool got filled with debris, and the tornado did significant damage to several cars.

Tennessee tornado 2020
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People had very less time after the tornado warning.

The Tennessee tornado warning was issued at 12.35 am local time. The reports of the tornado hitting Davidson County, which includes East Nashville came in at 12.41 am, meaning that the residents did not have much time to prepare for the tornado. Locals in the West Nashville area had even less time to prepare themselves for it.

Donald Trump tweeted about praying for the affected people.

US President Donald Trump tweeted about praying for the affected people in the tornado incident. He added that the federal government is with the people, and he will make sure to monitor developments.

Mr. President will visit Tennessee on Friday, and he said that his team is in contact with the state officials. He started the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference by sending warm wishes to the great people in Tennessee.

According to the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, at least 22 people have lost their lives.

  • Putnam county – 16 deaths
  • Davidson county – 2 deaths
  • Wilson county- 3 deaths
  • Benton county- 1 death

We will keep you updated about the latest. Prayers and condolences for the families who have lost their loved ones.


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