Manoj Datic

Manoj Datic

Hey, I’m Manoj Datic
I am a state level sportsperson, fitness enthusiast, personal fitness trainer, student of life, and sports-training. I am well trained and played in cricket, and I can guide you on how to bowl fast and accurately. I started studying about training and nutrition for myself as here my sports and gym trainers aren’t that knowledgeable. So I am here to help you regarding gym and sports training, and also I can guide you about nutrition as it contributes about 70% in muscles, strength and power development.

I have seen people investing in materialistic things rather than their health and wellness, and that is the reason people are suffering from many common issues like obesity and depression. Many people are set on the path of increasing weight, poor health, disease, early death, and a poor quality of life. My mission is to change the mindset of people to live in a healthy mind and body. Also, i have seen there are not trainers who really can help sports-persons to achieve their specific goals, and I have been through the same, but now I can help them to achieve their specific fitness goals.

Inspired by my friend and mentor in Digital Marketing Vinod Gill, I entered the field of Digital Marketing. After learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing, I have helped many people with their businesses and blogs. As an administrator and author of Newsdone, I am enhancing my writing skills too.

That’s enough about me, best wishes.

So join me to start your fitness journey, or if you need help in the marketing of your business, I can help you throughout the process. For any queries and questions, contact me.