TYPHOON HAGIBIS: 18 Dead, 20 missing and 150 injured in Japan

TYPHOON HAGIBIS: 18 Dead, 20 missing and 150 injured in Japan
Thousands of homes were left without power due to Typhoon Hagibis. (AP/Kyodo News)

The death toll is rising after typhoon Haginis pounded Tokyo, Japan. Heavy rains and strong winds are responsible for the main damage. Japan’s chief government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said that the damage to the housing from the flooding is extensive, but also he promised quick recovery. At least 376,000 homes are without electricity — Typhoon Hagibis Japan’s worst typhoon in the last 60 years. According to the U.S Geological Survey, the magnitude 5.3 earthquake was centered in the ocean off the coast of Chiba, near Tokyo.

Flood levels have been rising, rivers are overflowing, and mudslide warnings are issued. Warnings for very heavy rainfall have been released. Meteorological agency official Yasushi Kajihara, has asked people to take all the necessary measures to save their life. Also, he added that people who live near rivers should take shelters on higher grounds.

Homes were flooded when the Chikuma river broke its banks in the Nagano.(AP: Yohei Kanasashi/Kyodo News)

Concerts, Rugby World Cup matches, and other events in the area have been canceled. Flights are grounded, and train services have halted. Warnings have been issued earlier, and people were asked to stay indoors, and fishers were asked not to go in the rivers and flooding area.

Train affected by flood (AP: Yohei Kanasashi/Kyodo News)

There is a very heavy rainfall reported due to the storm in wide areas of Japan. According to a local resident, the nearby river was about to overflow in the morning, hours before the typhoon made landfall. He added that he had to evacuate the place even before the storm landed. Military troops and police force are called up, standing ready for rescue operations.

Military troops and police force are helping to rescue the affected people (AP: Yohei Kanasashi/Kyodo News)

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