Amazon fires one more warehouse employee for protesting against Amazon’s working conditions

Amazon fires one more warehouse employee for protesting against Amazon’s working conditions

Amazon is getting intense criticism for bad treatments with warehouse workers during this pandemic situation and has now taken one deeper step into the controversy. Amazon fired yet another employee on Friday who was protesting against the poor working conditions of the company. 

Gerald Bryson is an Amazon employee from Staten Island. He told reporters that the company terminated him for using vulgar language. Also, Derick Palmer, the organizer of the protests if the same warehouse facility of the company and is one outspoken critic, said that he was given final notice for violating the social distancing protocol; however, he is still employed in the company. 

“It was just retribution for me organizing and protesting,” said Bryson. “I’m disgusted. I feel violated.”

Amazon said Bryson witnessed demeaning and bullying a fellow employee on the day of protest. The company then conducted an investigation and also collected statements from the six witness employees. Bryson also took full responsibility for his words and actions, said company.

“We respect the rights of employees to protest and recognize their legal right to do so, but these rights do not provide blanket immunity against bad actions, including those that harass, discriminate against or intimidate another employee,” said Rachael Lighty, Amazon Spokesman in a statement. “Amazon has a strict, zero-tolerance policy on any kind of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, or inappropriate language toward another employee.”

Palmer’s disciplining and Bryson’s termination have similar actions by the Company directed towards the employees who speak against the health crisis of the company. The company confirmed that last week three activist employees have fired: Maren Costa and Emily Cunningham tech workers, Bashir Mohamed, a Minneota Warehouse worker. Last month company fired Christian Smalls, who was also part of Staten Island Demonstrations and a Pennsylvania worker Courtney Bowden, who protested for paid time off for all the part-time workers.

These terminations are coming because of the constant heightened pressure amazon is facing from the workforce because of the Coronavirus outbreak, workers all around the world are organizing demonstrations to call for safe working conditions. Workers fear that the warehouse is a potential breeding ground for viruses, and it would spread to the families and eventually to Amazon customers. Amazon says the company is following many procedures to keep the workplace safe. 

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Shubhrata Choudhary