Andrew Cuomo says His Federal Government Is Not Compatible Enough To Handle Pandemic COVID-19 Crisis

Andrew Cuomo says His Federal Government Is Not Compatible Enough To Handle Pandemic COVID-19 Crisis

On Thursday, Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, complained about the compatibility of the federal system to handle the coronavirus panic situation. 


Gov. Andrew Cuomo, stated when he left the daily press held in Albany about the virus, that, “How confident am I of federal responsibility and action? Not that confident.” 


Cuomo’s criticism statement came just after when he last announced the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in New York reaching daily death tolls about 799 fatalities just on the third day straight. Cuomo also said that he is also not okay with the $2 trillion relief bill passed by the federal government, as this might not help their state. 


Gov. Cuomo compared the coronavirus crisis and its devastating effects on the economy and humanity with the terrorist attack that hit the city on 11 September 2001, which felled World Trade Center’s twin towers and crossed 3000 fatalities. 


Cuomo said, “9/11 was so devastating, so tragic, and then in many ways, we lose so many New Yorkers to this silent killer,” He also added, “that just ripples through society with the same randomness, the same evil that we saw on 9/11.”


The governor has closely worked with President Trump and other officials of the federal system in order to bring some new steps towards containing the deadly spread of coronavirus that hit New York city very hard than the other states of the United States. 


There are above 151,000 confirmed positive cases in the state and around 81,800 positive cases in New York City alone, which is almost the cases in China, according to the reports presented by Johns Hopkins University


President Trump and Gov. Cuomo, who said that he wants all the state’s governors to be “appreciative” for the efforts taken by the federal government, that largely comprises the good terms to navigate the pandemic coronavirus crisis.


However, earlier during the conference, Gov. Cuomo again slammed the Phase-3 that consists of a virus relief package that passed by the Congress along with bipartisan support in the crisis and was later signed by the President last month.


He also said that the $2 trillion relief package, the largest stimulus package introduced by the government in United States history – only met $1.3 billion of the entire Empire State.


Cuomo said the expected amount that New York should receive should be around $5 billion-$6 billion for the federal relief for the Corona crisis – an amount that was first objected to by Cuomo as inadequate even before it was passed by Congress.


On Thursday press conference, Cuomo said, “When we did our state budget a couple of weeks ago, we believed what they said, and we thought we were looking at $6 billion in health-care funding,”


Governor added, “Turns out, when we actually read the language, it was about $1.3 billion to the state of New York, which is much different than $5 [billion] or $6 billion. And the funding disqualified one-third of New York Medicaid recipients, which nobody said,”


He said, “We need the federal government to be responsible” and “pass legislation that helps.”


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Manglam Rajawat