Beauty Brand Oribe Announces Launches of Hair Care Range for Silver, White and Grey Hair

Beauty Brand Oribe Announces Launches of Hair Care Range for Silver, White and Grey Hair

Oribe, the hair care label, said that there are so many people who are embracing their natural hairs, thus, the demand for such hair care products is rapidly increasing among the consumers.

Oribe the Hair beauty and care brand launching a complete new range of hair care products that are made by the specially formulated compound for white, silver, or grey hair. These two new hair products by Oribe promises do keep such hair deeply nourished and healthy from inside. Oribe has launched an illuminating har treating masque and pomade as they have now joined the ‘Silverati’ family 

On the occasion of their new products launching, the brands speak with the reporters, says, “ the new launch is more based on our consumers demands, as they are choosing to embrace their natural color of hairs and texture that has ultimately turned to create the demand for products that nurture and enhance grey, silver, and white shades.” Moreover, along with their shine and beauty properties, their new announcement is packed with powerful and effective ingredients that help in restoring the health, elasticity, and strength of the hair as well as provide them complete hydration.

On the same occasion, the reporters from the Fashion magazine speaks with the Yasmini Mortazavi, marketing and category head of Oribe Canada, stated that the new range is completed based on the special formula that helps in protecting the signs of hair aging caused due to environmental changes and discoloration of hair, specifically protect against the yellowing of hair. She said, “Oribe carefully crafts every product to treat specific hair needs and concerns. In the case of aging hair, key ingredients are used to prevent dullness, yellow tones, and loss of elasticity.” 

Yasmini, also tell reporters about the products’ ingredients and what compounds are used in the line, “For instance, Arctic Root Extract boosting the hair restoration process and balance the elasticity so that it can improve the texture of aging hair; Snow Mushroom Extract hydrates instantly and helps maintain the natural moisture barrier of hair and scalp; Argan Oil adds lightweight shine, softens wiry, brittle hair and helps protect from breakage; European Silver Fir Extract intensely hydrates to protect against pollution and free radical damage while preventing the signs of premature aging and a blend of blue and silver pigments brightens grey, silver, and white hair, eliminates yellow tones and helps prevent discoloration.”

The Oribe two new launches are dermatologist-tested, contains zero parabens, sodium chloride, and sulfates, as well as both these products, are vegan, gluten-free, and free from any animal cruelty. The new range has managed to hit the market and become the buzz among Canadians. They are going to launch their entire range this month on their website


Manglam Rajawat