Best Psychological Thriller on Netflix You Must Watch

Best Psychological Thriller on Netflix You Must Watch

Nothing can be a better weekend plan than planting yourself on the couch, eating some delicious snacks, and watching a movie. Watching a movie that is uncomfortable and unnerving might sound awful, but that’s the intent of a psychological thriller. We have picked some of the best psychological thriller movies on Netflix to make your weekend entertaining. 

We all love watching fashion-focused and romantic movies, but have you ever tried watching psychological thrillers. If you have not yet watched a psychological thriller movie, then it is time for you to think beyond light-hearted romantic-comedies and romance films.

You might think that only horror movies can scare the hell out of you, but trust me, psychological thrillers can also make you freak out. These movies are a perfect combination of unsolved mysteries, drama, serial killers, psychos, and a lot of twists to blow your mind. 

Best Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix

Netflix has movies of different genres, and it even has a long list of movies belonging to the psychological thriller genre. Here is a list of the best psychological thrillers to add a little suspense to your evening.

Before I Wake (2016)

Before I Wake is an American psycho-thriller movie starring Kate Bosworth, Jacob Tremblay, and Thomas Jane. If you are in a mood of watching dark fantasy horror, then trust me, this one is perfect for you. 

The plot of this creepy movie follows an eight-year-old boy named Cody. He is adopted by a couple who have lost their son. The nightmares and dreams of Cody manifest physically as he sleeps. After Cody moves in their house, the couple starts seeing the vision of their son, who is dead. It makes them wonder if something sinister is going on around or their grief has taken over. 

Bird Box (2018)

It is one of the best psychological thrillers on Netflix. It is an American psychological thriller starring Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, and Trevante Rhodes. 

The story of the movie follows a woman who fights against a mysterious force to save herself and her child. In this movie, if any person comes face to face with the mysterious force, either he or she dies or starts killing people. The woman and her kids decide to find a place that is safe. It is a post-apocalyptic thriller in which the survivors face different threats, and they canoe blindfolded through dangerous woods and rivers to seek safety. 

The Bygone (2019)

The Bygone is one of the best psychological thriller movies on Netflix, starring Shawn Hatosy, Graham Phillips, and Jacqueline Toboni. The plot of this movie follows a young rancher named Kip. His lifestyle becomes disturbed with a boom in the oil industry. He gets pulled into human trafficking when he tries to help a girl Wany from a nearby reservation. 

The movie is an amazing combination of great cinematography and an intense story plot, which will blow your mind. If you are in a mood of watching something light-hearted then this movie is a big no for you. 

The Invitation (2015)

The Invitation is an American psychological thriller starring Logan Marshall-Green, Michiel Huisman, and Emayatzy Corinealdi. 

In this movie, a man accepts a dinner invitation from his ex-wife. He has not seen his sex since the tragic death of this son years before. However, she returns with a new life, a new husband, and a secret agenda. The amazing dinner party turns to a murder party, and trust me, the plot of the movie, twists, and turns will freak you out. 

Fractured (2019)

Fractured is an American psycho-thriller starring Lily Rabe, Sam, Worthington, and Lucy Capri. The plot of this movie shows the road trip of a family, including a husband, wife, and daughter. The hand of their six-year-old daughter breaks when they stop at a gas station. They take their daughter to the hospital in a hurry. The child and wife disappeared from the hospital during the examination. They get their child examined by multiple doctors, and they even take their daughter to the basement to get her imaging. However, there are no records of their visit. When they disappear, Ray gets convinced that the hospital is trying to hide something. 

Would You Rather (2012)

Would You Rather is an American psycho-horror-thriller starring Brittany Snow, Jeffery Combs, and June Squibb. In this movie, a sadistic aristocrat forces a group of people to play a game, “Would You Rather.” 

However, instead of playing for fun, the downtrodden people are forced to play for their lives. The plot of this story shows a horrifying portrayal of actions that these characters will take in order to survive. 

The Captive (2014)

The Captive is a Canadian psychological-thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, Rosario Dawson, and Scott Speedman. The movie follows a father whose girl goes missing. Eight years after the disappearance of his daughter, he gets certain clues suggesting that his daughter is still alive. Police and parents try to solve the mystery of the girl’s disappearance. 

This is a mystery thriller with a lot of amazing twists and turns that will not only blow your mind but will also put you on the edge of your couch. 

A Most Violent Year (2014)

A Most Violent Year is an American crime psycho-thriller starring Oscar Issac, David Oyelowo, and Jessica Chastain. 

The movie follows a fuel supply, which is threatened by corruption and violence. He tries to protect his family and business in 1980, which is the most violent year in the history of New York City. The dealer tries to follow his moral compass and faces multiple threats and issues in his efforts to save his loved ones and his business. 

Mirage (2018)

Mirage is a mystery-drama thriller starring Adriana Ugarte, Javier Gutierrez, and Chino Darin. The plot of this movie shows two parallel realities, and it follows a girl named Vera. She saves the life of a boy in one world while struggling to return to the world that is preferred by her. 

In her preferred world, she has a daughter and husband, and now she has to create conditions in order to return to the world. The intrigue or confusion of this movie includes determining which reality is the future and which one is the past. 

Enemy (2013)

Enemy is a Canadian-Spanish psycho-thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Sarah Gadon, and Melanie Laurent. This one is the type of movie in which you need to pay attention to every small detail, or you will miss crucial information. 

The plot of this movie follows a history teacher named Adam bell. He is a man with a boring life. He watches a movie Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, on the suggestion of his friend. After watching the movie, he realizes that the actor in this movie looks like him. He makes a plan to meet the actor. The story might seem simple on paper, but it has amazing twists and turns which will blow your mind.

Tau (2018)

Tau is a science fiction thriller starring Maika Monroe, Gary Oldman, and Ed Skrein. The plot of this movie follows a woman who is held captive in a futuristic smart house by a scientist. She has to get out of the house by outwitting a supercomputer named Tau, which is keeping her trapped. 

A rich inventor named Alex is the mastermind who is responsible for a series of imprisonments. Julia needs to gain her trust in order to get out of imprisonment. 

Ex Machina (2014)

Ex Machina is a British science-fiction psycho-thriller starring Alicia Vikander. Oscar Issac, and Domhnall Gleeson. The plot of this movie follows a young, sweet, and charming programmer named Caleb. 

He is made to believe that he won a competition, and the price includes spending a weekend at the enormous estate of the CEO. However, he is actually selected as a human component for an AI test involving an alluring and beautiful robot, Ava. If you are a tech junkie, this one is a must-watch for you. 

Final Words

Now that you know about the best psychological thriller movies on Netflix, it is time for you to grab some popcorn, sip some wine, and enjoy the unexpected plots and twists that will blow your mind. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 

Rashmi Saini