Birx Balancing Trump’s Amusing Statement About Disinfectant

Birx Balancing Trump’s Amusing Statement About Disinfectant

After the Trump statement to inject the patients with UV rays and disinfectant, Dr. Birx is under pressure to clarify the President’s disinformation. Birx, pandemic response coordinator, physician & diplomat, came under the scrutiny as she was unable to correct the President’s assertion during the briefing session at the White House in real-time. 

Next of that, President Trump also said that his statement was in sarcasm and was testing the media and public capabilities to think. But the real challenge is on the head of Dr. Deborah Birx, as being responsible for clearing the assertion. 

In the video, Birx was caught blanching on the statement when the President was a briefing in the conference about injecting disinfectants and ultraviolet rays to treat patients. On Sunday, she rebuked the media for highlighting the President’s statement that might be dangerous for citizens. 

But during the White House briefing, she was unable to answer the question from Trump. 

After the weeks of lockdown in America, numbers of new cases have been depressed in some regions, but some counties decided to reopen because the economy fell down. Colorado and Georgia have reopened some of the services in their province by taking measures for coronavirus. But Trump said it to be dangerous and may new cases arise, they can keep lockdown for at least 14-days more to get everything controlled. 

Dr. Birx said some of the provinces reopened, but they haven’t taken any serious measures to test the people before allowing them to go out. This may increase the spread of coronavirus. 

The inability of Dr. Birx to stop the reopening of these provinces without any strict measures, the top health officials proclaimed Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Birx about the carelessness of testing the people of many states might again increase the chances of virus spread. 

The state officials’ desire to reopen their province for economic fall down carries the potential risk of increasing infection among the people. 

While talking with the CNN reporters, Dr. Brix said that before the coronavirus hit the communities again, it is very crucial to check and diagnose people properly, even though the testing equipment is not enough even for the infected people. 


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Manglam Rajawat