Blockchain Courses Available in Various Universities: A Fresh Supply for a Fresh Demand

Blockchain Courses Available in Various Universities: A Fresh Supply for a Fresh Demand

According to the growing market cap of cryptocurrencies, it is becoming harder to avoid its amplifying market. The finance sector recently showed a massive demand for Blockchain experts and cryptocurrency professionals; the single problem is, there is not enough supply of labor to fulfill the need.

Cause/s of the insufficient supply

Bitcoin was introduced in the year 2009. The cryptocurrency is not ten years old concept – it is not that astonishing to know that a pool of people doesn’t know about Blockchain and its benefits, that’s why the supply of Blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency experts, doesn’t match up with the demand.

That is the reason why universities all over the world have been emphasizing on Blockchain and cryptocurrency-dependent courses and groups to eventually prepare their students to apply for jobs in the same sector that are going to be the future of finance & banking.

In the NYU Law, US, Duke, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Princeton, there are a few out of the several schools starting such courses. The titles of such courses are Blockchains, Digital Currency, and the Future of Financial Services, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, as well as smart contracts; depending upon the university.

In Europe, B9 Lab Academy, the University of Cumbria, the University of Nicosia, and the IT University of Copenhagen are also among some of the higher-learning organizations that have started such courses. In Russia, the National University of Science and Technology, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Moscow State University of Economics have implemented similar courses.

A Junior at Florida State University, Derek Strauss, is recently willing to establish a cryptocurrency club at FSU. Like Strauss, several students and researchers are taking the initiative to distribute knowledge that may prove to be primary for future transactions. The BlockChain Education Network is partnering with students who have built Blockchain-related clubs till now.

Future Applications

Strauss said about cryptocurrencies, “I can see a shift in advance from fiat to crypto in the future. I guess people would be using cryptocurrency to buy goods as well as services. Firms like Overstock have started adopting Bitcoin for many years now. However, I believe that cryptocurrency will steadily be used as a mode of payments; In the short term, we will witness the implementation of Blockchain concept. Emphasizing on the fact that IBM, as well as Microsoft, have started implementing Blockchain, you have to consider that other big corporations will also follow their steps.”

No sector intends to be left behind than its competitors, and that’s why more financial institutions are seeking to hire a Blockchain team. That is the reason why more universities all over the world are implementing cryptocurrency and Blockchain dependent courses, groups, and clubs.

Avni Porwal