Brexit: EU Drafts Post-Brexit Proposal for Trade Deals

Brexit: EU Drafts Post-Brexit Proposal for Trade Deals

Eu has drafted a proposal for the Post-Brexit trade deal, including domains like fisheries, security, and foreign policy. 

The draft includes 441-pages of legal texts, and it was sent to 27 states of Europe on Thursday night before presenting it to the UK next week. 

The two teams were supposed to meet in London for negotiation, but the meeting has been cancelled due to coronavirus.

A joint statement from EU and UK said that the two teams were exploring alternative methods like video conferencing in order to carry on the discussion. 

On January 31, 2020,  the United Kingdom left the European Union. The UK has entered a transition phase of 11 months, which will end on December 31, 2020. During the transition phase the UK continues to follow most of the bloc’s rules until the trade deal is negotiated.

Nevertheless, according to the critics this type of move would be similar to “no deal” Brexit and it might damage the economy of the UK. 

Regarding the negotiations, Boris Johnson has said that if by the end of 2020, an agreement is not made, the UK will leave the EU without an agreement and would follow the rules of the World Trade Organisation.

Michael Gove, the Cabinet minister has said that as early as June, if a “broad outline” of the negotiation or deal has not been agreed, then the government could withdraw the talks. 

When the officials were asked if there could be any changes due to delays as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the spokesman of the PM said that the transition would still end by the end of 2020. 

EU’s Draft for Post-Brexit Trade Deal

European Commission has drawn up the draft legal text, named “New Partnership between the European Union and the United Kingdom”.

The document comprises many placeholders and blank sections. However it also includes man proposals:

  • A council of joint partnership including 16 subcommittees, dedicated to the devoted to the so called “level playing field”
  • Level playing field comprises proposals on social protection, taxation, labour, environment, and competition
  • Cooperation on extradition and data exchange, if the United Kingdom pursue to execute the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Agreements over excess of the EU boat to the British waters with yearly negotiations

Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator of the European Union said “the text shows ambitious and comprehensive future relationship is possible” He further added “We must give ourselves every chance of success.”

However the UK government has cleared any alignment with the laws of EU would not be acceptable as the EU laws are updated. 

Rashmi Saini