California in Strict State Lockdown: Gov. Gavin Newsom Orders 40M Californians to Stay Home

California in Strict State Lockdown: Gov. Gavin Newsom Orders 40M Californians to Stay Home

The most popular state of the United States, California, is in a strict lockdown and has ordered around 40 million Californians to stay home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered mandatory restrictions across the state to combat the outbreak. The lockdown came into effect on Thursday at midnight. The lockdown includes exemptions for crucial services like medical care and public safety. 

In California, 19 people have died, and around 900 people have tested positive. The restrictions will continue in the state until further notice. Newsom said that in the coming eight weeks, half of the state could come down with coronavirus.

Newsom has named it a “safer-at-home” order. It is mandatory, and it makes the majority of the states around 40 million people to stay isolated in their homes. Residents are allowed to leave their homes for essential needs. 

Necessary Services Will be Open

Under the order, all the non-essential services like gyms, restaurants, bars, and conventions will be closed. However, the essential services like grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, convenience stores, delivery restaurants, and farmer markets will be open. 

Social Distance is Necessary

Residents of California are allowed to participate in specific activities as long as they maintain social distance. 

Newsom said, “Go about the essential patterns of life, but do so by socially distancing themselves from others and do so using common sense.” He further said, “Home isolation is not my preferred choice, but it is the necessary one. This is not a permanent state; it is a moment in time.”

The order in California will not be enforced on the residents by law enforcement. He said “I don’t believe the people of California need to be told through law enforcement that it’s appropriate just to home isolate, protect themselves,” Newsom further said, “We are confident that the people of the state of California will abide by it and do the right thing.”

Rashmi Saini