Coronavirus Affects Tom Hanks and His Wife, Rita Wilson

Coronavirus Affects Tom Hanks and His Wife, Rita Wilson

The Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson got caught in the Coronavirus outbreak. The Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks confirmed on Wednesday that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, both are infected with the virus.

Here is what Rita Wilson posted on her Instagram account.

Here are the updates of Tom Hanks suffering from Cornonavirus :

The celebrity couple posted on Instagram about their illness.

He is there in Australia to work on a move under Warner Bros. The spokesperson for the company Warner Bros, told the media that the movie was in pre-production at the time they both were diagnosed with Coronavirus. The company said that the health and safety of the members is their top priority, and are taking precautions to protect everyone around the world who works under their production.

The actress, Rita Wilson, is there to support her new album, “Halfway to Home.” She has scheduled concert dates in South Brisbane and Sydney. The health officials are tracking down those who attended the concert performed by the actress last Saturday. The Sydney Opera House spokesperson told me that they are in contact with NSW Health & Queensland Health departments and will follow the advice given.

How did they notice they were sick

The 63-year-old actor and actress both felt something suspicious as the symptoms they were having were related to the COVID-19 viruses. He said that they felt tired, had colds, body aches, body chills, and fevers, which are some common symptoms of the disease. The actor, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson were found positive for the Coronavirus when diagnosed. The couple has no idea how they caught the virus. Apart from these 2 cases, five more cases are being reported in Queensland on Thursday.

 There are more chances of severe illness as they both are 63-year-olds, and at this point of age, the immunity power becomes weak at this age.

Their sons updated social media about the condition of their parents.

Colin Hanks said that they are not even that sick, and they are taking the needed precautions. He also tweeted his gratitude for the support his family has received.

He tweeted, “My parents are receiving excellent care in Australia and doing well (and in good spirits) given the circumstances,” he wrote. “Despite the fact I’m in LA and haven’t seen them in over three weeks, we have been in constant contact and am confident that they will make a full recovery.”

Chet Hanks posted on Instagram, saying that his parents are fine.


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The celeb couple is taking it one day at a time. Tom Hanks posted on Instagram that they are following all the needed protocols. “We’ll keep the world posted and updated,” he added.

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