“Epicentre Of Terrorism”: Pakistan Minorities Seen Raising Posters Outside The UN Office

“Epicentre Of Terrorism”: Pakistan Minorities Seen Raising  Posters Outside The UN Office

The minorities living in Pakistan said that Pak nation was a threat and peril to globe security and thus they objected against it during the 43rd UNHRC session.

New Delhi: Holding posters in their hands, Pak minorities demanded a strict and harsh steps against their nation for allegedly removing terrorism, stop giving shelter to them shelters and funds, Pakistan minorities objected at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The Pak minorities stated their nation as a threat and danger to global security, thus they wanted to take the issue beyond and staged their issue during the 43rd session of United Nations Human Rights Council.

“Since 9/11, Pakistan has been the epicentre of International Terrorism. The region of North Waziristan which borders Afghanistan used to be a hub of local and international terrorists linked to groups, including Al-Qaeda and Taliban as well as other terrorist networks,” stated by the NGO in Geneva.

According to the NGO, Geneva reports, Pakistan Army is illegally participating and funding the International terrorist organisations, which is being objected during the session of the United Nations Office with powerful protests with banners at Broken Chair in Geneva.

According to the  minorities of Pakistan, the government has found to be actively participating in the terrorist actions within the nation and beyond by actively funding the ongoing terrorist troops. The unregularised financial framework of Pakistan suports the paths for the irregular funding alongside feeding terrorism activities in the nation.

With the massive destruction all over the world due to terrorist, still the  terrorist groups are able to organise, pperate, plan,and raise funds in Pakistan easily without any danger because of the lack of governance and political will to address the problem,” the minorities pointed out in Geneva.

As the Pak minorities, Pakistan government is not capable and willing to resolve these issues because they are supporting their illegal activities transparently in the nation. Therefore, the UN should take strict actions to  reprimand Pakistan, and take the immediate steps to restrict these activities and should establish harsh rules of law in the nation.

The ongoing session in Geneva will continue till the 20th March 2020 and aim to increase the progress of the human right goals of the member nations’ of UN.

The high panel discussion session of this year is themed as  “Thirty years of implementation of the convention on the rights of the child: Challenges and opportunities.”

Manglam Rajawat