Everything You Want to Know About KissCartoon

Everything You Want to Know About KissCartoon

We all grew up watching those world-famous Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, Timon & Pumba, Tom & Jerry cartoons. We all miss those cartoons as they went off the air over time passes. We all have beautiful memories related to them, as to how all the kids used to gather at one place to watch them or to mimic the cartoons.

Some of us like to read webtoons and there are so many sites which offers tons of them. I am going to tell you about a website where you can have access to those legendary cartoons, and tons of other animes, movies, and much more.

You can access the site with your kids to let them watch what you had watched when you were a kid or if your kid has some other favorite cartoon or movie.

Here you go: KissCartoon is a website which features cartoon shows, movies, and Kiss cartoon is one of the top-rated cartoon broadcasting website.

The website has an extensive collection of U.S cartoons, manga, movies, and top anime, and it is available for free on the site.

What is KissCartoon?

Developed by Kiss Anime Network, KissCartoon is a top-rated website which offers the media content by fetching the data from other servers. KissCartoon has many servers located in different countries.

The site was first hosted in Vietnam, but as time passed by, it is hosted on several servers of many countries where copyright issues and copyright laws do not bound them.

You need an internet connection and a web browser on your phone or your computer to access free streaming content from KissCartoon.
The website offers most of its content in HD quality. The website is well developed and has interactive user interference, which makes it its user to search quickly and watch their favorite shows or movies.

Unfortunately, the website was closed on November 27, 2017, by the Vietnamese government after some U.S agencies requested to take legal actions against the website owner. But fortunate for cartoon lovers, there are several clones of the website on the internet.

Presently the rumors are that the same people manage the clones of the website. But it is quite impossible to find where they are running them from.

Below is a list of some domains of the Kisscartoon website.

· KissCartoon.io
· Kisscartoons.co
· Kisscartoon.su
· kisscartoon.mobi
· kisscartoon.me
· kisscartoon.org
· KissCartoon.bz

Is KissCartoon Legal?

You can easily get the idea from the information above that KissCartoon is an illegal website. The website hosts content such as cartoons, movies, and anime, etc. without the permission of the owner of the content. Thus the owners of these sites do not have any right to host such pirated content.

In the past, KissCartoon was shut down many times. Even the servers of the company were banned by Google as well. But the website emerges again with new servers to host the media.

Whenever the website gets shut down, it immediately moves to a cloned version with the same content with a different domain. There are many other fake KissCartoon sites on the web world, which also contains the risk of malicious programs.

These sites are exact clones of the original website, and no one knows the owners and the location of the servers.

Is KissCartoon safe?

KissCartoon hosts the media content without the permission of the owner of the media. Also, these sites have been found out to deliver viruses & malicious scripts to their visitors. These are the reasons KissCartoon is not safe to visit.

Also, the website generates some pop-ups which redirect the visitor to another webpage, which contains malicious programs within. And that can make you lose your credential information.

The website use advertisements to generate money, and these ads have tons of redirects and pop-ups. These pop-ups are some javaScript files that hackers inject in the websites to make the visitors fall into the traps.

Also, these advertisements are managed by some potential hackers. They want people to visit the website and fall into their trap. KissCartoon servers are also used as cryptocurrency miners; that way, they can use your devices as miners without letting you know.

Always make sure you have an active subscription to a good anti-virus before you visit such sites. You can install Tubi TV or activate Pluto TV for additional entertainment. If you know any such website, please let us know in the comment section.


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