Google Under Lawsuit Forced To Disclose Its Algorithms For SEO

Google Under Lawsuit Forced To Disclose Its Algorithms For SEO

Under the pressure of the lawsuit, Google is to reveal the details of the search engine algorithm, and either withdraw its SEO defensive algorithms. The ultimatum was given by the courts of the United Kingdom that stimulate the SEO industry. 


Google not only has to reveal its algorithm, but it also has to lend their hands as an SEO consultant for businesses. 


What Is The Reason Behind That Google Has To Reveal Its Algorithm?

Google got into this situation back in 2012 when a company named Foundem filed a lawsuit in opposition to Google. The company alleges that they are the victim of Google anti-competitive practice. They were facing loss since 2006, as the products they were selling were also sold by Google. But Google products deliberately ranked high. As a result, Foundem faced major damages to their business. 


Foundem was initially a vertical search engine platform that helped in searching for the lowest prices in the online world. 


At that time, Foundem only provided services to a limited It was initially only available to a limited group of users before being opened up to everyone.


Even after that, the services of Foundem are not available for all, but still, they rank or appear on the search results. 


Initially, Foundem appeared prominently high on the search results; moreover, it was showing on the first page if there were any search related queries. 


Just after two of launching their platform for everyone, they were buried by the search results of Google. 


The company faced a sudden drop in their listing from the first page to hundreds of down pages on search engines. 


What the most surprising thing about the Founder’s sudden dropping in search results is that the company was still ranking high on other search engines, but only on Google search engines, it was far behind to reach the potential customers. 


This makes the Foundem claim against the Google search engines, which makes them rank low to rank their own Google Shopping products. 


Google Now Have To Pay For Such Algorithm Changes In The Courts of UK


In 2012, Foundem claimed the Google sudden changes and filed legal action against Google, which is till now running in the courts for such a long time. 


Google provided his evidence in the courts that they were not involved in any anti-competitive against Foundem to the High Court of UK. 

Michael Pohl and Cody Kwok, Google engineers, showed the documents to the court in order to defend against the lawsuit. 


The High Court says that the document shows how “to explain the operation and aims of Google’s ranking algorithms, and how they have been applied to shopping comparison sites generally and Foundem in particular.”


In order to settle, the court gives google a choice to show up the details of the algorithm, either assist the business as an SEO consultant. 

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Manglam Rajawat