Guide on How to Install Tubi Tv & Watch on PC or Laptop

Guide on How to Install Tubi Tv & Watch on PC or Laptop

Tubi TV is a top-rated app around the world. It offers several thousands of free & 100% legal movies, series, and TV shows to watch. One of its advantages is that it provides a free streaming service and does not require credit card details.

The Tubi TV app is updated each week with trending and new movies and shows to keep you entertained with all the latest stuff. The app entertains different categories, such as cartoons and anime, Korean drama, British TV series, action, comedy, drama, and many more classic shows.

The app allows you to stream without any limitation from any location in the united states you are accessing it from as long as you have a good internet connection. If you want to watch anything on a big screen monitor, you can use any streaming media adapter i.e., a Chromecast as the app fully supports it.

Tubi TV download for PC can help you watch on a big screen, in case you do not have any streaming media adapter as Chromecast. For this, you can use any good emulator software for your personal computer or laptop.

It is a huge advantage that Tubi TV can be downloaded for a PC or a laptop from any location using an internet connection. You can also activate Pluto TV for additional entertainment.

Ok, let me guide you on how to install this emulator. Simply ensure your PC or laptop meets the minimum requirements of the emulator so that it can run without any errors.

Run the Tubi TV App Using Nox Player Emulator

There are tons of emulators out there on the internet, and you can download it for your PC. But I recommend Nox PLayer as one of the best emulators to run Tubi TV applications as it is fully compatible with it.

  • Go to the google.
  • Type Nox emulator.
  • Open its official website.
  • Seek download section.
  • Download the Windows version if you have Windows 7,9 or 10.
  • Otherwise, you can download the Mac version for your Mac.
  • Click to download the emulator installer on your PC or laptop.
  • Double click the emulator installer file to start the installation process.
  • Read all the terms and conditions.
  • If you agree to the terms and conditions of the Nox Player, click the install button.

It takes nearly 15-20 minutes, depending upon your internet connection speed.

  • After the installation, click open the Nox Player from the desktop.
  •  Open the Google Play Store using the login credentials of your account.
  • Search for the Tubi TV app in the list of the apps in the search column.
  • Install the app after finding it.

Get back to the Nox emulator to find the shortcut of the Tubi TV app after the installation is completed. 

  • Double click the shortcut to open the app.
  • Select register or link account.
  • Go to google to enter the activation code, visit  

If you follow the above-given steps of the Tubi TV app download for PC, You can start watching on your PC or laptop. You can check out the best wireless headphones to maximize the audio quality while watching.

Features of the Tubi TV App

  • The app offers shows and movies in different genres, such as comedy, horror, action, drama, Korean, Spanish, Japanese & Hollywood shows.
  • It provides free media streaming without any hidden charges. 
  • The app is compatible with devices including Airplay, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many others to stream media on smart TVs. 
  • The app is updated with the latest new shows & movies every week.
  • It does not demand and subscription fees for movies and tv shows or any other media. 


For the Android and iOS devices, the Tubi TV app is available particularly. But you can run the app with the help of an emulator on your PC or Laptop. The app is totally free and is 100% legal. Enjoy the shows and let us know if the emulator worked for you.


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