HTML Tags That Are Pivotal For Good SEO

HTML Tags That Are Pivotal For Good SEO

To make your website better communicate and understandable for the Search Engines, you must have these HTML tags properly implemented to your webpage. 

Implemented HTML tags to your webpage is not at all a new thing. But as so many new plugins and other tactics are coming, we forget the importance of these HTML tags for good SEO. As you may already know, HTML elements are vital for Search Engines to understand your webpage easily and also help in the ranking of the web page.

In case you forget or do not properly apply these following HTML tags, you may see your website ranking going down. So to do proper SEO and communicate your web page with Search Engines, it is necessary to have these HTML tags for each and every webpage. Let’s check them up. 


html tags for good seo

# HTML Title Tag

The title tag works like an anchor for your webpage. It defines what your page is about and how much it is relevant to the user’s search. A proper Title tag is required for both SERP and Social Media searches. You don’t only have to write for SEO purposes but also for making your webpage more relevant, unique, informative, and eye-catching. A title tag should be of 60-70 characters long. 

# Meta Description Tag

Meta Description Tag is a small description of your webpage to the users and search engines. You should make it relevant with your title tag and must include your primary keyword. It should be between 80-200 characters long and informative and match with the search intent. 

# HTML Heading Tag

Your heading for the content should be properly optimized and do not be under the normal text. Your web page heading should be arranged hierarchically. Heading tags are used to break the lengthy content into easily understandable. You can use headings tags h1 to h6 to properly define your content. 

# Meta Robots txt Tag

This is a crucial tag as it instructs robots on how to crawl your webpage and its indexing. These meta robot txt tags include HTML tags like noindex, noimageindex, nofollow, nosnippet, noarchive, and unavailable_after. 

# Image Alt Tags

Defining your images on a web page is also of the same importance as any other HTML tags. It is important because images show on the search engines when users make a query, and if you have a proper image alt tag, your website image will be shown. Alt tags your content and web page more informative. You should describe it with the search intent. 

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Manglam Rajawat