Hundreds Of People Visited Church Even After Ban In Louisiana, More Than 3500 People Are Tested Positive

Hundreds Of People Visited Church Even After Ban In Louisiana, More Than 3500 People Are Tested Positive

Even after the ban, hundreds of people of Louisiana gathered together in the Church that led to more than about 3500 positive cases of coronavirus. They all were coming to Church through buses or their vehicle from the last three Sunday. Police have broken the gathering of 100 people for a funeral that was going to be held on this Sunday of more than 100 people. 


About 500 people gathered in the Church of Life Tabernacle in Central City, where more than 29000 people reside outside of Baton Rouge. 


Around 3,500 and more residents of Louisiana have identified positively with coronavirus infection, who was taken under proper quarantine. The death toll due to this virus in the State is about 150, according to the data released last Sunday. 


Now the assistant ministers and worshippers at the Church told the media reporters to stay outside in the parking lot and asked them to leave from the Church by saying that cameras are not allowed inside the property as well as the worshippers were also banned to talk with the reporters. 


The Neighbors around the Church gathered by keeping the distance of 6 feet or two meters apart in a driveway. 

One of the residents from Central, Paul Quinn, who lives around the church area, says the situation is tragic and a health hazard to so many lives.

Paul Quinn said, “Other congregations are using the Internet, Skype, and other safe ways to congregate. Why can’t they? What makes them so special? I wish state police would come out and do something. This is above our little local police level.” He further added, “ The state needs to get involved. If they get out of Church and go to the grocery store, it’s a serious health hazard. They don’t know how many people they’re affecting, and they don’t seem to care. That’s a problem.”

160 people have been killed due to the coronavirus in East Baton Rouge Parish, as the data released by the authorities. (

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Manglam Rajawat