Ideas for virtual dates plans while maintaining social distancing

Ideas for virtual dates plans while maintaining social distancing

 Missing going out on a date? The problem in the midst of a global pandemic meeting someone in person is not possible. As the world is slowly learning to work from home, attending classes online, and the most difficult of all to not touch the face. People dating are having a rough time; the only romantic thing they can do is video calling. 

But what next? Here are some virtual dating ideas to enjoy in Quarantine. 

  • Take a tour of the museum-Museum dates are the oldest and the classic date idea. You can still go to a museum date on Youtube. There is a series, a slideshow fro Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. You can find a walking tour of other famous museums. You can scroll the collections like any other google photos and also check out online exhibits with some background information. You can screen share so that you look at the same art at the same time.
  • Watch a Concert- you can now turn to youtube to watch full-length concerts of artists and bands. Whether its Radiohead at Lollapalooza or Queen at Wembley Stadium or Billie Elish at Music Midtown, there s so much to watch. Watch it together and chat via video call or chat.
  • Virtual escape room- don’t you want to see how to solve a problem together? Try escaping a virtual escape room. If you have not tried an escape room before, this is an immersive scenario of problem-solving you are in one room and try to solve clues in a limited time period. You can now find many virtual translations online.
  • Watch a movie together- Netflix party is a thing- this chrome extension lets you sync up your Netflix and chat on the side. This got a lot of attention due to social distancing. Why not make a movie date out of it? You can talk over the phone while watching the movie.
  • Share drinks or dinner together- if you don’t being judged for eating on a video call, then you can stage a drink or dinner date. Put on some date-worthy clothes order the same food or cook at your place and carry on with your dinner date like you would have at a restaurant.
  • Make some art- if you are the creative duos, then plan an art project together over video calls. Use whatever art supplies you have at home, paint something nice together, a landmark you both know, your favorite image, it could be anything. Spend the next few hours painting together while you chat. You can show your results to each other in the end.

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Shubhrata Choudhary