List of Feel-good movies to watch during the lockdown

List of Feel-good movies to watch during the lockdown

Staying home during coronavirus lockdown can get boring, tiresome, and also scary. Stop watching contagion on repeat and put your mind at ease with these feel-good movies. Whether you are feeling low or stressed, there is nothing better than relaxing on the lounge chair and watching a movie. Its time to get your dose of positivity with these feel-good movies.

Ratatouille:- Go grab some snacks while watching the movie. Ratatouille is a story of Remy who is a small town rat with fine taste buds. He is the best candidate for becoming a chef but people do not let him go in the kitchen. Remy scapes to a big city and finds a friend Linguine, a garbage boy who has no cooking skills. Remy lends him hand secretly and they become the perfect pair with Remy’s skill and Linguine’s human body. Until one day a food critic puts them to test.  

Babe:- Talking animals get us feeling good, and you can’t argue about this. Babe is a piglet who is orphaned and struggles to find a decent place after it is adopted by the Hoggett Family. The dogs’ herd sheep, the cat stays inside, sheep produce wool but a pig has no other use beyond Christmas dinner. Farmer Hoggett realizes that Bae has an aptitude for herding and sorting. He signs Babe’s name for a local competition of sheep herding and Babe has to prove how an impossible work is possible.

My Neighbor Totoro:-  Father, Sister Mei, and Satsuke move to the countryside to take care of their sick mother. On their way, they stumble into a world of magical things beyond one’s expectation. Frome befriending forest spirits to riding on a cat bus, the sisters discover that there is so much more hidden in the countryside than people know. Mei goes missing and satsuke along with forest spirits go to rescue her. 

Mrs. Doubtfire:- Robin Williams plays the character of Daniel Hillard in the movie who is an out of work actor, currently got divorced. He is not allowed to see his children after the divorce, even when they are in need of help at home. To figure out a way for meeting his children he plans on becoming Scottish nanny, Mrs.Doubtfire, with prosthetics and lilting voice. This movie will definitely make you smile.

Matilda- Matilda a role played by Mara Wilson. She loves to read more than anything in this world. Reading was her only escape from her rotten parents picking. She gets enrolled in a school finally and her telekinetic powers, genius-level are the only  two things standing between her cruel headmistress, Miss Trunchbull and her



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