Mp3Juice – Download Music & mp3 Online for free

Mp3Juice – Download Music & mp3 Online for free

We all love listening to music in our spare time. Today’s lockdown situation due to the Coronavirus epidemic has given us a whole lot of free time as offices, schools, and the markets are closed. You might want to listen to your favorite Mp3 music online, but it can be a costly choice to buy mp3 music online from iTunes or any other platform. There are tons of sites out there, but they do not offer pre-purchasing music hearing. Also, nobody wants to spend money to download their favorite music, and why should we when we can easily access the sites which provide free downloads. I will be covering ten free music download sites like Mp3Juice to download Mp3 for free. Some of these sites even offer to download featured albums to your Mp3 player. You can even download nursery rhymes for your kids on some of these sites.

Top 10 mp3 music free download sites like Mp3Juice

  • Myfreemp3

This site is not so popular among the people as its counterparts, such as Mp3Juice, mp3Skull, etc. But this site can help you out to find and download music for free. It is a very basic and simple site with all the essential functions. The fantastic thing is that the ads are never dull and won’t bother you during the preview and download process. The site also allows you to delete the ads if you want to.

  • Mp3Skull

It is one of the most popular sites which provide free MP3 downloads. Mp3Skull has a vast database of music that offers several options to download the trending songs, top 100 songs, top English albums. The site does not have a pretty good interface. But the site helps you quickly find and download free Mp3 Music on your Computer. The site also provides all the detailed information about every song in its database so that you can preview it before you start downloading it.

  • Beemp3

It has been a very popular site to download free mp3 music for a long time as mp3juice. Beemp3 has a very large database of songs to download. There are a lot of chances that you know this site already if you have spent some time downloading free music on the internet. Nearly 10,000 audio files are uploaded on the Beemp3 site every day, which makes it easy to find and download the music you want. The only drawback I could find is that many free songs are being removed from the site, it may be due to copyright issues who knows.

  • MP3Clan

The site displays all types of trending & popular songs and also music videos on the interface. You can search the music category wise such as Country, Rock, Dance, Blues, Electro, Jazz, etc. You have to click on the song or video to enjoy it. Just keep in mind that each click opens up an advertisement window. And the drawback of the site is that you have to close the windows one by one, so it is never easy to download mp3 for free on MP3Clan.

  • LoudTronix

This site is considered a very cool site for downloading Mp3 music. Its home screen colors, black, red, and white makes it look so attractive. The site offers you to search and download your favorites songs. Also, you can paste the URL of a YouTube video into the bar to get the YouTube video on your Computer. The site also offers a wonderful function to share the songs with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.

  • Jamendo Music

If you are into indie music and want to enjoy the latest songs, you must switch over to Jamendo Music as it is considered one of the best Mp3 music download site as mp3juice. Its clean and elegant interface allows you to surf world-class visual experience. What makes it a different site from others is that you won’t find advertisements here. If you want to enjoy and find awesome songs, you can play any song you want on the interface. You can also download mp3 music on your Computer by just a click on the song.

  • Free Amazon Songs

We all are familiar with Amazon as the most popular and authentic online shopping website in the world. On Amazon, we can buy almost everything, including the music too. You may not find the latest hit songs here, but you can download tons of classic songs on the site. This excellent site allows you to access music based on different categories. You can preview the song, and also you can download it on your mp3 player. The site also offers similar music to the one you click.

  • eMP3 Downloads

Emp3 Downloads offers to download mp3 music, and also it is a video clip sharing website. The site has many YouTube music videos to play and download. As per the site, it has the largest collection of mp3 music in the whole world. It offers you to search for music based on artist name, movie name, song name, and album name. You won’t find any advertisement on its homepage, but windows will pop up when you click the play button.

  • Mp3INT

The site has a very remarkable and clean interface that allows downloading mp3 music online in real quick time. The site automatically suggests similar video clips from YouTube after typing the song name or artist for the mp3. The drawback that I found is that it does not provide a piece of detailed information about the song you are searching for, but you can download it according to the image shown. You can download the mp3 file just by clicking on the download button.

  • audiomack

Oh, I don’t like it to say to you, but you will be surrounded by all kinds of ads the first, only then you can get access to the music. The site provides different types of music, such as Hip-Hop, Electronic, R&B, Reggae, etc. You can preview the music by clicking on the album cover. You are allowed to share the music on Facebook and follow the accounts you want to. Audiomack enables you to create your playlist to add songs you like.

 So these are some sites similar to mp3juice to download music & mp3 online for free. Also if you are a cartoon fan you can watch them on kisscartoon. If you know any good website for free online mp3 music, please let me know in the comments. 

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