North Korea President Kim Jong-Un Has Re-appears After 21 Days

North Korea President Kim Jong-Un Has Re-appears After 21 Days

According to the N. Korea media, their leader Kim Jong-Un who was suffering from significant health issues, has reappeared in public after 21 days for the first time. There was news that he was suffering from chronic heart health issues and got his heart surgery, but as there is no such information from the North Korea media, the world is assuming that he was dead. 

The KCNA, news agency of North Korea has released a photograph of their leader showing Kim inaugurating the new fertilizer plant and cutting the ribbon in Sunchon, capital of Pyongyang. 

The news agency, KCNA, also said that their leader Kim was accompanied by his officials as well as Kim Yo-jong, his influential sister, also with him at the time of the ribbon-cutting ceremony held on Friday. 

In this photograph, there are so many people attending the inauguration, and many of the people also wearing masks and releasing the balloons by cheering “Hurrah!  For the Supreme Leader,” says the news agency. 

The photographs also show that Kim was talking to the officials and touring the new fertilizer plant with them. However, these photographs haven’t yet been verified and not considered as authentic photographs yet. 

Last week, the United States President Donald Trump said the mystery of the North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un would be revealed “soon” and didn’t react to the news published by the KMCA news agency. During the White House meeting with press reporters, President Trump said, “We’ll have something to say about it at the appropriate time.”

Kim Jong-Un was last shown on media on April 11 when he conducted the meeting with the politburo for the Workers’ party. The media of North Korea has published the images of their leader, but they contain the message Kim sent to leaders of the world and information about Kim’s daily routine. 

The rumors of Kim’s death were speculated after his absence in the commemoration of his grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 15. His grandfather was the founder of North Korea, and his birthday was a great celebration event on N. Korea’s political calendar. 

This was the first time ever in history that Kim Jong-Un has missed the event after he becomes the leader of the nation. 

Moreover, he was also not present during the launching of some short-ranges missiles, despite he was always present at such launch in the past and personally saw the launching of missiles every time. 

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Manglam Rajawat