Number of Coronavirus Cases in India Doubled in the Last Six Days

Number of Coronavirus Cases in India Doubled in the Last Six Days

In India, the number of coronavirus cases has doubled in the last six days. On Monday, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases reached 10,000, with cases increasing over six days. The government of India has expanded containment efforts and has ramped up testing in order to curb the spread of this deadly disease. 

On Mondays, 1,253 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in India. Delhi recorded 356 new cases, which is the highest number of cases registered in a single day in the nation. The capital of the country has recorded 1,510 cases, which has made Delhi the city with the highest number of infections. Four people died due to coronavirus infection on Monday, which took the death toll of the city to 28.

There were only 536 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India until March 24. The number increased to 5,305 by April 7, and it reached 10,444 on Monday. Out of the total number of cases, the number of fatalities due to coronavirus is 355. The disease is spreading rapidly across the globe, and there were 117,000 deaths worldwide by Monday. 

The number of Coronavirus cases in India first increased after exposure to hundreds of patients who were present in the gathering of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin of New Delhi last month.

On March 29, there were only 72 coronavirus cases in Delhi, which increased to 1,510 by Monday. In Delhi, 356 new cases were reported on Monday, and most of them were linked to Nizamuddin gathering. According to the officials of the Delhi Government, approximately 1050 out of the total cases in the capital are linked to the Nizamuddin event. 

On Monday at a news briefing, the joining secretary in the Union Health Ministry, Lav Agarwal, said, “The home secretary and the minister of health communicate regularly through video conferencing with states, and we tell them our containment strategies and they are working in coordination.”

The government of India has developed more than 1,200 containment zones across the nation in order to effectively fights against the spread of coronavirus. 

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Rashmi Saini