Police Disguised Gunman Shoot People In Canada Inside Their Homes and Kill About 18 People

Police Disguised Gunman Shoot People In Canada Inside Their Homes and Kill About 18 People

A man suddenly went on a 12-hour and shot Canadian people inside their home and set fire, disguised as a police officer, and killed 18 people for no reason. 


Nova Scotia, rural society in Canada, went into mourning when a Gunman suddenly rampaged, and people with no reason, disguised as police officers, started firing on people in the community. 


The disguised Gunman hunkered in the homes of people and fired bullets on them, the deadliest shooting in a community ever in Canada’s history. 

Authorities say that the man was Gabriel Wortman, a 51-year-old, who was also dead in the attack. Police said he was not a man from our side. 

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, says that the disguised Gunman has killed almost 18 residents of the Nova Scotia community. 


Justin Trudeau, says that “The vast majority of Nova Scotians will have a direct link with one more victim. The entire province and country is grieving right now as we come to grips with something that is unimaginable,” 


Justin Trudeau added that the incident took place on Friday night via Facebook group “The pandemic will prevent us from mourning together in person, but a vigil will be held virtually to celebrate the lives of the victims,”


The Prime Minister also asked the media not to show the name of the suspect and also not show the picture of the assailant. 


He added, “Do not give this person the gift of infamy,”


Authorities gave the residents an order to stay inside their homes and do not open doors for anyone, as not only the man, coronavirus also spread at a rapid pace. 


So many dead bodies of the people were found at the house of the assailant at the Portapique Beach Road. Some dead bodies were also found at the different locations within the 50 km of the neighborhood area. Authorities said that the disguised man first began shooting by targeting his first victims, and after that, he started firing randomly on the residents. He also set fire on the several houses of that Nova Scotia. 


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Manglam Rajawat