Rick Bright Ousted From His Decided To Start A New Job To Work On Making Coronavirus Vaccine And Treatments From Next Week

Rick Bright Ousted From His Decided To Start A New Job To Work On Making Coronavirus Vaccine And Treatments From Next Week

After Rick Bright was ousted from his post, he is going to start a new role inside the coronavirus response team of the federal government from next week, said his attorney on Thursday. 

A source from the Department of Health and Human Services told the reporters of CNN that Bright had been discharged from his role to a new job as second -in-demand for partnership in  Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines. 

This partnership was offered with a $1 billion budget from HHS to help in fighting against the deadly virus. 

On Thursday evening, during the news release, lawyer Dr. Rick Bright said that he will start a new role from next week as of now his role has been recognized.  

Bright’s attorney stated, “Contrary to administration talking points, Dr. Bright has never refused to report to NIH, and now that his position there has been identified, he plans to begin next week.”

He further added, “Dr. Bright is fully prepared to step into this new role unless Secretary Azar honors OSC’s request and grants a stay of his reassignment.” 

After Bright’s retaliation and slower response in federal decisions, HHS stated that even after receiving the salary of his federal role, he had not appeared to work at all. 

HHS release stated that His whistleblower complaint is filled with one-sided arguments and misinformation.

HHS is reviewing the complaint and strongly disagrees with the allegations and characterizations made by Rick Bright.” 

Since then, Bright has been facing questions from the public and media. He has also opposed HHS after removing him from the leader role of Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority.

Bright purported that they removed him from his former role because he has been critical to the administration’s decisions regarding the coronavirus handling.

He said that he opposed the decision of using a drug that our President Trump has touted, saying the drug has the potential to treat the infected patients. 

Bright also said that he filed a complaint against the statement of HHS saying that his dismissal from the post was retaliation, and the federal system is planning to ouster him, said Bright’s attorney. 

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Manglam Rajawat