TCL is coming Up With a Large Roll-able Display Phone.

TCL is coming Up With a Large Roll-able Display Phone.


TCL’s slide-out screen phone will be the new buzz in the tech world.

 People were blown away when Samsung launched Galaxy Fold a year ago. Just after a few days of the launch, Huawei also stunned the crowd with Mate X. Foldable phones were the new thing in the gadget world. Motorola Razr and Galaxy Z Flip were also some of the modest foldable phone models. Has the foldable phone trend become passé, already? Well, yes, we have something new on the table for everyone—the Scrollable phones. Rollup Technology has found its way into compact form after LG’s rollup OLED TV. 

TCL is known for making the best big-screen budget-friendly televisions, has come up with this innovation, and what a perfect innovation, I must say. This new rollup display technology that enlarges and unfurls could be the future vision of handsets.

CNET obtained leaked images and gave people an insight into this new device’s concept. TCL officially showed people a dummy prototype of the slide-able phone this week. The phone’s frame has a break at the right edge, which enables you to pull out the screen and can be extended to twice the normal size. 

It has a normal display of 6.75 inches when closed, and can be extended to 7.8 inches. The screen is rolled up when closed, in the back of the display.

The idea of a roll-able phone is very exciting and has a wow factor to it. Foldable phones are feared that the display will fold down completely. The scrollable phone would face no such issue. The display would roll out completely when closed.

TCL scrollable phones will be an exciting way to get onto a new road of technologies. TCL is ready to launch the scrollable phone priced 30%-40% less than the existing foldable phones. It is predicted that it will come out in 2021. 

Galaxy Z Flip is priced at $1,380, and if TCL decides to charge low prices, this will make a huge difference.

That would make a huge difference when the starting price for the Galaxy Z Flip is a mere $1,380.

TCL has 36 different prototypes it is currently working on, according to Streit. There is no surety for the launch of roll-able phones, as of now.

It would be wise of TCL to release the scrollable phone to create some Buzz in the market. Everyone is waiting for something different, and the scrollable phone would perfect right now.

Shubhrata Choudhary