The US has More Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus than any Other Nation

The US has More Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus than any Other Nation

The United States is the third most populous country in the world, with a population of 330 million residents. It means the country has a huge pool of people who can possibly get coronavirus. 

At the present time, the US has more confirmed cases of coronavirus as compared to any other country in the world. The US has surpassed China, where the coronavirus pandemic began. The highest number of confirmed cases has made the US the country with the largest outbreak worldwide. 

Highest Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in the US

Scientists warned the US that someday the country would become the nation hardest hit by the pandemic, and the movement arrived on Thursday. In the US, there are around 82,100 infected cases of coronavirus, including 1,000 deaths.

As of Thursday evening, China had 81,728 cases, whereas the US had 82,100 cases. There are around 510,000 cases of coronavirus pandemic reported across the globe. By Thursday morning, New York had 37,258 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The state accounts for around half of the total cases of the US. 

At least 246 new deaths due to coronavirus were reported in the country on Thursday, which has brought the total number of deaths across the nation to 1,195. 

Chicago Could be the Next Epicentre in the Country

The outbreak of the disease in New York, California, and Washington have captured the attention of the nation for weeks. However, according to some health officials, Illinois and Michigan could be the next hub of the crisis. 

The coronavirus response coordinator of the White House, Dr. Deborah Birx, said that health officials are worried that counties like Cook county, Wayne county, Illinois and Michigan are showing a rapid increase in cases. 

Around 20 states in the country have issued stay-at-home orders, and seven states have shuttered non-essential business. 

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Rashmi Saini