Portland Maine Beaches & best beaches in Maine for swimming

Portland Maine Beaches & best beaches in Maine for swimming

Who doesn’t love the sun and beaches? The outdoor fun, sunny day, and warm beaches, what a combination to enjoy your vacations or weekends. Portland Maine beaches can enhance your weekend experiences. There are many campgrounds and RV resorts where you can spend your weekends too but it is more fun to spend time on a beach.

Everybody around the world loves the coastal location, offered by the beaches. People of all ages and backgrounds drool over beaches for comfort, warmth, swimming, and fun activities.

From fishing, sailing, surfing to relaxing on the warm sand, beaches have much more to offer. Remember all those seaside night walks, playing with your dog on the beach, or just witnessing a sunset, a beach can make all those things much more fun and mesmerizing. Portland Maine beaches are very fantastic beaches that is why it gets so hard to choose where to start.

You can have access to many sea beaches in Portland, Maine. There may be several reasons to visit the state of Maine, but those gorgeous beaches over there are worth time spending.A beautiful place by the sea can enhance the mood and you will be glad to know that Portland Maine beach hotels are cost effective and provide every facility you will be needing on your stays.

People Google about the sea beach near me, closest ocean beach near me, Portland Maine beaches and best beaches in Maine for swimming. There are thousands of google searches like this, so I have prepared a list of top-rated beaches in Maine, Portland. To help choose, we have picked top-rated beaches out of the most famous and amazing beaches and beach towns that Maine has to offer.

Old Orchard Beach Maine

Old Orchard Beach, Portland Maine beaches

Orchard Beach is the most favorite beach of most residents. It is conveniently accessible for Portland residents and people from the nearby area. This beach has a lot of history behind it and has been one of the top tourist destinations.

The main attraction on this beach is its 153-meter pier, which opens May through September, and hosts fireworks shows each Thursday night. And there are many other live entertainment programs to drool over.

There are many shops, restaurants here, also parking facilities are secure and a lot of amenities. If you want to spend your weekend or your day in a fun and stress-free, this beach is worth spending time on.

You can find an amusement park situated here which offers nearly 30 rides to choose from, including almost 15 rides for the little ones. Family rides such as Bumper cars, flume ride, and giant Ferris wheel can give a lifetime memory. You can use facilities for as low as 50 cents, and also lifeguards are active in the area to help out the needy ones.

Willard Beach, Portland Maine

Willard Beach, Portland Maine beaches

The Willard beach is located in the southern part of Portland. It is a top-rated beach among the town’s local residents and tourists. The beach offers fantastic seaside views, which is very convenient for people staying or living in the town.

Fort Gorges and Spring Point Ledge Light sparkling lighthouse both provide a lifetime experience. You can enjoy ferries and watch fishing boats with the fantastic kids’ play area.

There is a long list of best beaches in Maine for swimming, but you may want to avoid this rocky shoreline beach to swim. The water’s edge is in the form of the rocky ocean floor, so tenderfoots must be careful while entering the water. You can easily park your car near the beach on Willow Street, which offers parking for at least 75 cars; instead, you can go to the SMCC campus if the parking is full-on Willow Street.

Crescent Beach Maine

Crescent Beach

The Crescent Beach is a part of Crescent Beach State Park, which is located in the beautiful town of Cape Elizabeth in the southern part of Portland. You will find nearly 1.5 km of sandy beach with grassy dunes and rocky outcroppings. The beach is famous for its gentle waves, which is a sweet spot for fishing and an amazing view of a nearby island.

The facilities like restrooms, showers, and lifeguards are very excellent here. You are also provided a bike parking stand too. You can enjoy your stay in a nearby 4-star hotel, which has a kids’ play area, spa, restaurant, and a pool.

The beach is ideal for sun-bathing, strolling, kite flying, and beach sports. Day-use expenses are $4.50 for adult state occupant; $6.50 for adult non-resident and $2 for non-resident seniors. A yearly Maine State Vehicle Park Pass costs $70 and gives all vehicle inhabitants of up to a 17-traveler vehicle free day-use.

You can also buy annual park passes for $35 only at park gatehouses and online through the State Department of Conservation and Bureau of Parks and Lands pages of Maine.gov. You must keep in mind that cars are not allowed in the park in winter, but you can enjoy the park hiking on foot.

Scarborough Beach Portland Maine

Scarborough Beach Maine,

You will find adventures young surfers seeking for the next big waves on Scarborough beach. The beach is popular among young surfers and daredevils who want to swim in big waves.

Due to the nature of water, lifeguards are always on duty, but it is advised not to swim or surf out too far. The temperature can get very high, nearly 70-degree Fahrenheit in July and August. But still, it is considerable for beach walkers near the water.

You can lease items of recreational things at the lifeguard station, including seats and umbrellas, boogie sheets, surfboards, paddle-boards, and sea kayaks. You can find restrooms, showers and parking facilities for almost 400 cars.

It is not allowed to fly kites or to ride bicycles. Dogs are not allowed on the beach from March through November. Maine State Park passes are not valid here as it is managed by a private company. There is a resort nearby which offers an 18-hole golf course, hiking trails, babysitting services, and tennis.

Expenses are as per the following: Adult Maine residents: $4.50; grown-up Maine non-residents: $6.50; kids (5-11 years): $2; youngsters under 5 free; senior Maine residents, free; senior non-residents: $2. State park passes bought from the State Department of Conservation and Bureau of Parks and Lands are not substantial at Scarborough Beach State Park.

 Ferry Beach Scarborough

Ferry Beach Scarborough

It is a riverfront beach along Maine’s Scarborough River Channel, which offers gentle waves making it an excellent choice for swimming and families with young children. This beach is one of the best beaches in Maine for swimming.

Ferry Beach is protected from ocean waves by the jetty on the other side of the channel. Restrooms and showers with changing tables are available, but there are no lifeguards present here. Dogs are only permitted on the beach between November and March.

This beach is alternatively known as “Mother’s Beach” as most morning visitors arrive with babies, and at half-past 12, the second batch of moms arrive with their toddlers and preschoolers. The beach is open from 9 am to 5 pm. Expenses are $10 every day for traveler vehicles and bikes and $35 every day for RVs, transports, and campers. After 3 pm, the charge for vehicles and cruisers drops to $5. Occasional passes are accessible at the town assistant’s office.

Pine Point Beach, Portland Maine

pine point beach portland maine

Pine Point Beach is a 4- mile beach on Maine’s Saco Bay, which is popular among fishers and surfers. You can enjoy cast fishing here but you cannot use boats here. Facilities on the beach area, restrooms, showers, and a snack stand, but there are no lifeguards available here. You can get bicycles, kayaks, and other beachfront crafts on rent nearby.

You can find several full-service restaurants and also seafood restaurants nearby. Beach hours are sunrise to sunset, you can find the municipal parking lot on Avenue 5, off King Street. The parking fee for cars and motorcycles is $10 per day, while RVs, buses, and campers are charged $35 per day. You can get seasonal passes at the town clerk’s office.

Higgins Beach

Higgins Beach

Higgins Beach is very famous among families and surfers because of gentle waves, soft sand, and calm surf. There are embedded remains of a wooden shipwreck, which adds attraction to the beach. In the nearby area, you can find hotels and cottages which provide restaurant facilities too.Fishermen and kayakers love the Higgins beach. Surfing is prohibited from 11 am to 5 pm from June 15 to September 15th.

People love the beautiful white sand, which is nearly 1 mile long. There are restrooms and showers, but there are no lifeguards on duty.

The parking fee is $10 per day for cars and motorcycles. It lacks parking facilities for buses, RVs, or campers. You can get seasonal passes from the town clerk’s office.

Popham Beach, Portland Maine

popham beach, portland maine

This spectacular beach is very popular among surfers, shell collectors, swimmers, and families. Lifeguards are always on duty, but you are advised to swim near a lifeguard station for precautions.

At the time of low tides, you can walk deep down the beach and collect shells or play in the tidal pools. You must pay attention to the rising tides. You can walk your dogs on some portions of the beach the whole year so that the beach-goers can spend time with their pets.

There are parking facilities available with bathhouses, showers, picnic areas with charcoal grills and trails. State park passes are available at the gatehouse through the State Department of Conservation and Bureau of Parks and Lands pages of Maine.gov. The entry fees are as follows:

$4 for adult Maine residents, $6 for an adult non-resident, and $2 for a senior non-resident.

Little Hunters Beach, Portland Maine

Little hunters beach


The Little Hunters Beach is located on the southeast side of Mount Desert Island. The beach is famous among rock collectors, painters, families, and all the people seeking peace. You will find rounded and smooth pebbles on the beach. So there are opportunities to find a unique stone for your spouse.

The beach lacks basic facilities with no lifeguards. The water temperature hardly ever exceeds 55 degrees Fahrenheit, that is why so you might find it uncomfortable to swim. You will love the environment here if you are an introvert or someone who is seeking a peaceful place to write, sing, or just hang out with loved ones.

Final Thoughts 

In any case, the preparation is always the most important thing when you are planning a vacation. Preparing for the weather is also essential. Some areas you want to visit have low temperatures in winter or the summer, it will be hard to see the sunset or the sunrise if the wind is very strong and you will not be able to swim because of high surf. The preparation should not only include the trip that you are going to take but the clothes that you will wear.

These are some Portland Maine beaches we have added to the articles based on the facilities, preferences, and ratings of town residents. Make sure you get all the information about the timings, parking, necessary facilities, and staying facilities such as hotels, cottages, etc.

You must prepare in advance prior to leaving for the beaches. Take your ID cards, money, extra clothes, towels, sunscreens, hats, etc. to get the full enjoyment of your trip. I will be awaiting your comments on the topic


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