Trumps Left The Press Conference When The Female Reporter Altercation

Trumps Left The Press Conference When The Female Reporter Altercation

President Trump just left the press conference about the COVID-19 tests after the reporter directly questioned Trump. In response, the President asked the reporter to ask the question to China about the increase in the death rate globally. When leaving the Rose Garden, Trump sparred the female reporter. 

Weijia Jiang questioned the President during the conference why he always seems to view the coronavirus as “global race” even after their countries’ death due to a pandemic is increasing, and proper test facilities are not available. In return, rather than answering the question directly, President Trump told the reporter to “ask China” the answer to her question. Trump then asked another reporter to ask any question, then Ms. Jiang surprisingly asked by lowering her protection face mask about is there any specific reasons he was saying this to her. This is because Ms. Jiang is of Asian descent. 

Some few seconds later, when Kaitlin Collins appeared near the microphone, whom the President called in between while Ms. Jiang asked him a question, President Trump refused her several times to ask any question. 

Ms. Collins said, “But you called me.” She tried to ask a question from the President, he then asked the other reporter to come forward, and then suddenly left the press conference. 

We have seen President Trump not give proper answers to the critical questions asked by the journalist in this recent week. He has taken both these female reporters under his skin even after both of them ask the President some tough and important questions that citizens want answers for. 

On Monday, the President was also unable to answer the Americans when all the citizens were going to have complete access to testing for this deadly coronavirus. He has asked about his administration staff members saying that citizens will have access, whereas health experts saying on the contrary. 

Rather than giving the answer to the reporter, the President replied in a critical manner and said, “See, we can’t win,” slamming the reporter as Trump thought he was questioning two positive cases inside the White House. I understand you very well. Better than you understand yourself,” he said in a scolded way. 

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Manglam Rajawat