Vice President Pence Says That He Should Wear The Mask While Visiting Mayo Clinic

Vice President Pence Says That He Should Wear The Mask While Visiting Mayo Clinic

After mocking the instructions for the protection from  coronavirus, Vice President Mike Pence says that “I should have worn the mask at Mayo Clinic.” 

On Sunday, Pence said the statement in repenting for his mistake not to wear the protective mask while visiting Mayo Clinic. 

His statement came after the backlash to not follow the instructions and the hospital’s policy to control coronavirus spread. 

On Sunday, after the two days visit, Vice President Mike Pence said the reporters of the Fox News that, “I didn’t think it was necessary, but I should have worn a mask at the Mayo Clinic, and I wore it when I visited the ventilator plant in Indiana.” 

Last week Tuesday,  Pence visited Mayo Clinic situated in Rochester, Minnesota, where he met with the infected patients and talked with the hospital staff. Reporters present at the clinic said that everyone present in the room wore the mask except Vice President Pence. 

Pence said that after his visit, he is continuously checked by the doctors for any trace of the virus in his body. He also said that as the mask is used to protect people from getting viruses, he didn’t believe in that. But on Sunday, the vice presidents reiterate his belief during the conference at town hall. 

People criticized his carelessness for not wearing the mask during his visit to the clinic on social media, as well as many health officials also criticized Pence’s carelessness. 

The instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laid that every American should wear the facemask in order to protect from coronavirus and not get into your body where distancing is difficult and not possible. Moreover, on April 13, Mayo Clinic has also made the policy that whosoever visits the clinic should wear the face mask. 

The wife of vice president, Karen Pence, stated to defend him by saying that he didn’t know the rules of the clinic. However, the spokesperson of Mayo Clinic said that the Vice President and his team members were briefed with the rules before they visited the clinic. 

Mayo Clinic tweeted on their account about the same carelessness of Pence, but after that, they deleted the tweet and retweet with “We look forward to continued collaboration to develop essential testing and treatment for our patients and communities.”

“It really is a statement about the American people, the way people have been willing to step forward, practice social distancing, wear masks in settings where they can’t do that,” Vice President Pence said on the Sunday hall town conference. He further said, “As we continue to practice those principles, all of us together, I know we’ll get through this.”

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Manglam Rajawat