Wuhan to test 11 million people after new cases emerge

Wuhan to test 11 million people after new cases emerge

Wuhan, the Chinese city where Coronavirus pandemic first emerged, has ordered the officials to test every single person in 11 million population after the city has reported reemergence of a handful of new infections after the lockdown has lifted, said the state media.
The city has been told to lay down a plan for conducting a test of every person within 10 days under the purview, as reported in a document released by Wuhan’s anti-virus department.
On May 10 and may 11 six cases of locally transmitted Coronavirus have been reported in people who are under quarantine and are showing no symptoms pf the virus. All these cases were of the same residential compound and the first new infection in Wuhan city since the lockdown lifted in April.
People are cautiously returning back to their normal life, but the city has again come under the global spotlight after President Donald Trump charged that Coronavirus has come from the laboratory in Wuhan Institute of Virology. China, although denies any link between the virus and the laboratory, and the director of the lab said no staff of the lab has been infected and therefore disproves the theory.
New positive cases are few and under control in Wuhan, they are serving as a reminder of the risk that China is facing as it is trying to reopen the economy.

“Seven provinces reported new infections over the past 14 days, and clustered cases were continuing to increase,” Mi Feng, National Health Commission’s spokesman, said on Monday.
Other parts of china are fearing the resurgence, and the Shulan city was partially closed on Sunday when 11 new infections were discovered. Many cities in China are still now allowing bars and cinemas to operate, and heavy regulations are imposed on social gatherings. People are asked to put on face masks when leaving the house, entering stores, public transport, and facilities.

Source- news.com

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Shubhrata Choudhary