4 Best Electric Toothbrushes Under $100

4 Best Electric Toothbrushes Under $100

You must have heard about electric toothbrushes and probably want to buy one. Many people are suspicious about the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes after hearing the claims like effective plaque removal and gingivitis.

Earlier people did not have much choice and use to go with what their dentist suggested. But now the electric toothbrush market is bigger than ever. We have listed 4 best electric toothbrushes each has its own benefit. These brushes can be used every day. Here are the best 4electric toothbrushes you must give a try.


Burst Sonic Toothbrush- This is the best electric toothbrush. This rechargeable toothbrush has a tapered handle which makes it very comfortable to hold. The bristles of this brush vibrate back and forth, approximately ten thousand times per minute.  The brush vibration action is very gentle action and the head fits comfortably in the mouth.

The brush turns off automatically in two minutes. With normal usage, the battery can last up to a few weeks.  The burst of this brush is pricier than other toothbrushes. The brush will cost around $70 and the new head subscription costs $6 for every 90 days.

The bristles of this brush are infused with charcoal. The company claims that it gives extra whitening capabilities.

Quip Metal Toothbrush- This is the best travel-friendly electric toothbrush. Both Burst and quip toothbrush has a 2-minute timer setting and pulse for every 30 seconds. The brush heads vibrate in back and forth motion and quip also feature tongue scraper on the back of brush head.

The design of this brush is very striking, with a sleek metal handle and has a shape like a manual toothbrush. The battery of this brush is removable and needs to be replaced every 3 months. You will get a lifetime warranty if you subscribe to the battery and brush head. The brush is very gentle on the teeth best suited for people who are hard-brusher or over-brusher.

This brush is apt. for traveling because of its small size and comes with a multi-use cover. If you want to save money, get a plastic version of a quip for only $30.

Pro Sys Vario Sonic Electric Toothbrush- This Toothbrush is recommended by doctors. This toothbrush is manufactured by Benco Dental and it looks pretty nice.  The head of this brush vibrates in up and down motion. The biggest advantage is that it comes with five different types of heads. The brush cleans the teeth properly removing plaque and does not make disturbing noise.

The replacement head of Pro-sys brush is not cheap. You can buy the head on Amazon and you will have to pay $20 for 3.

Oral-B 1000 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush- oral B electric toothbrush uses different head motion. The bristles of the toothbrush rotate in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion. If you have sensitive avoid using this brush. The motion can be a little too hard for your sensitive teeth.

The oral-b toothbrush is the least unpleasant than the other electric toothbrushes with a similar kind of motion. The motor is a little too loud but the rotation movement will not cause pain in your teeth. The brush head is ubiquitous and is easily available anywhere.



Shubhrata Choudhary