The Ultimate Guide for a Safe Holi

The Ultimate Guide for a Safe Holi

Holi is the festival that provides us chances to be so dissolved in colors that we do forget the hatred and bad feelings about everyone. Holi is a festival of affection and love. But on the other hand, the fun associated with the festival turns out to be disadvantageous. You need to ban the use of harmful chemicals and toxins. The colors in the powdered form available on the occasion of Holi are adulterated using various chemicals and engine oils, that’s why they put harsh effects on the body itself. That’s the reason why it is essential to follow the ultimate guide for a safe Holi in order to take the necessary precautions to save your skin and hair.

Let’s go through the ultimate guide for a safe Holi:

Go Oily

Though no one suggests going oily at any occasion or event of your life. But when its Holi, no tip can work out the best for you. Oiling is to moisturize and nourish your skin and hair scalp. And when it’s about Holi, you need to put a protective layer on your skin to be saved from irritation and dryness. So before you start playing Holi, follow the ultimate guide for a safe Holi, and go oily. Put oil to your hair tresses, and all the body parts that are especially exposed, and save yourself from the harmless chemicals to the most significant extent. 

Sun or Sunscreen?

What do you prefer out of the two? Sun or sunscreen? In this weather, you would definitely choose sunscreen because the sun is already up there to burn your exposed skin. While you play, you need to save your skin as much as you can, and to do the same, you shouldn’t skip on using sunscreen, especially on your face. On the day of Holi, your face remains covered with a variety of colors, and if sun rays fall on the same, it’s even more harmful, so apply sunscreen on your face at least one hour before you go out.

Go Goggle

We clearly know that Google is ruling the world nowadays. But no Google helps when its Holi. But a pair of sunglasses or goggles can help you with the same. Your eyes are one of the most important body parts you own, and putting goggles on your eyes can save your eyes from all the toxins and chemicals, and as well as the bright sunny rays. Still, if you feel any sort of irritation while playing, don’t rub your eyes, instead splash freshwater onto them, and save your sensitive eyes to the greatest extent.

Cherry-pick Clothes

While playing Holi, your clothes are something that can save you the most. Choose the clothes wisely before playing Holi, and opt for the clothes that keep you the most covered. Also, use dark-colored cotton clothes when it comes to playing Holi. Don’t opt for denim or synthetics, because these materials will leave you getting irritated. Try to lower the chances of suffering from any sort of skin irritation by following the ultimate guide for a safe Holi and choose clothes appropriately.

Avni Porwal