4 Underrated SEO Tactics That Marketers Should Not Forget

4 Underrated SEO Tactics That Marketers Should Not Forget

Besides the already established best SEO practices, it is always good to experiment with the new techniques that help in generating new leads and increase higher revenues. In this post, we are going to discuss the four best practices that are underrated. 


Various companies understand the value of SEO practice. At the same time, some others think that following the best already established SEO practices are enough. In contrast, some companies try to experiment with the new SEO techniques that help in increasing the higher revenues. 

In this complex era of marketing, experimenting with the new marketing techniques become critical tools that marketers have to use as the evolution and changes are incorporated in the marketing world. 

 Marketers understand that changes which are introduced in the industry are essential to incorporate as it also impacts the organic business visibility and reaching to potential customers. 

Rand Fishkin, the founder of the sparktoro, shows the data that about 50% of the Google searches resulted in zero clicks during the session of June 2019, and this data remains steady since the year 2016. 


Every marketer knows that thriving in the dynamic marketing industry is hard, but it is not impossible to incorporate changes and make the hardship into possibility.


“Businesses need to do things differently in a way that creates a competitive advantage,” says FastCompany. 

The competitive advantage allows the business to offer better values in the organic search for you to users then compared to your competitors. 

In the online business doing things differently means that you are experimenting and implementing the underrated techniques of SEO to lead more potential traffic to your business. 


In this article, we are going to convert the most underrated tactics of SEO ever.

4 Underrated SEO Tactics


  • Updating old content on the web page


Most of the marketers engaged in creating new content rather than focusing on the earlier content that they already got users on. Check the performance of the older content and incorporate efforts in increasing the engagement of users. You must refresh the older content based on the response and feedback behavior of your users and use new technologies like featured snippets, once all these things are done in a proper manner, you can expect to have greater visibility and potential traffic on your website. 


  • Use Internal Linking


Using internal links helps in connecting your other content. Why uses the link of other relatable content that they are interested in. Moreover, internal linking helps Google search engine to structure your website in a better way.


  • Building Branding


Building a brand helps in recognizing your website authorized one and also made Google rely on your website’s automatic information. Google mostly shows the results of the brand on top, whereas search engines do not recognize. Thus, to keep your site on top rankings, it is important to build the brand of your business.


  • Optimizing CTR


High CTR sites are more likely to be recognized by Google rather than low CTR sites. You can optimize CTR by using the keyword matching method, Optimising the message on the title tag and meta description, and enhancing the search engine result page.


Manglam Rajawat