Five Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil for Managing a Good Health

Five Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil for Managing a Good Health

Olive oil is an excellent source of antioxidants, which makes it highly beneficial for managing good health. Though the effects of dietary fat on health are controversial, according to the experts, olive oil and especially extra virgin olive oil is good for health. Here are five health benefits of olive which will encourage you to include olive oil in your daily diet. 

  1. Olive Oil is Loaded with Healthy Monounsaturated Fats

Olive oil is a natural oil that is extracted from the fruits of the olive tree. Around 14% of the oil in olive oil in saturated fats and 11% is polyunsaturated like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. 

Nevertheless, monounsaturated fat, known as oleic acid, is the predominant fat in the olive oil. It makes 73% content of the entire oil content. This fatty acid reduces inflammation, and it is resistant to high heat, which makes olive oil a perfect choice for cooking.

  1. Olive oil has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Olive oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing inflammation. The content present in olive oil like oleic acid and antioxidant oleocanthal is highly effective in fighting inflammation, which makes olive oil highly beneficial for managing good health.

  1. Loaded with Antioxidants

Extra virgin olive oil is highly nutritious. Apart from fatty acids, it also contains vitamins E and K. In addition to this; it is also a rich source of antioxidants, which help in reducing the risk of chronic disease. Antioxidants also contribute to fighting inflammation and provide protection to your blood cholesterol against oxidation.

  1. Provides Protection Against Heart Disease

Extra virgin coconut oil has a wide range of benefits for heart health. It contributes to lowering blood pressure and lowers inflammation. It also protects bad cholesterol (LDL) from oxidation and enhances the lining of blood vessels.

  1. Prevents Heart Stroke

Olive oil is also beneficial for preventing heart strokes. Varied studies present evidence that people who consume olive oil regularly have a lower risk of getting a heart stroke. 


Rashmi Saini