African Americans Are Killing By The Pandemic Coronovirus At An Alarming Rates

African Americans Are Killing By The Pandemic Coronovirus At An Alarming Rates

As per the analysis reports from the Washington Post, data shows that the number of deaths among black Americans is surprisingly increased. As pandemic coronavirus spreads all over the United States, African Americans are disproportionately increasing and killing thousands of them at high rates. 

As the doctors saw the increased numbers of death among this racial disparity, the general surgeon deliberately demanded more data related to the race of people who are infected, hospitalized, and not anymore living in this world due to this pandemic coronavirus. The death toll of the United States reaches above 12,000, and among them, the highest number is of the black Americans. 

According to the Post analysis data available, shows the census demographics of the coronavirus affected people that there are three times more the infected black Americans and six times more death rate of the black Americans compared to that of white residents of American. 

In Milwaukee County, about 70 percent of African Americans’ total death, 26 percent, is from the Milwaukee County population. Similarly, in Louisiana, 70 percent of the people who died were all black Americans, even though they only make up 32 percent of the state population.  

Whereas, in Michigan, the reported deaths of the state were 845, and in New York and New Jersey, there were about 33 percent of the African American cases and approximately there 40 percent death, which only makes 14 percent of the state population. 

Looking for the data of Illinois, the disparity is somewhat identical to that of Michigan, but when looking for the data of Chicago, the death rate there is six times more than that of the white residents of the states. The death counts of the state were 118, which were nearly 70 percent black. 

Taking this as a consideration, President Donald Trump, for the very first time, acknowledged this racial disparity from the White House on Tuesday.

President said, “We are doing everything in our power to address this challenge, and it’s a tremendous challenge,” he added, “It’s terrible, Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “is looking at it very strongly.”


Trump also said, “Why is it three or four times more so for the black community as opposed to other people?. It doesn’t make sense, and I don’t like it, and we are going to have statistics over the next probably two to three days.”


This detailed report of the racially infected patients is now available publically for residents of all the states of America. (sources John Hopkins University)


It is also found that black Americans have higher rates of chronic diseases like heart diseases, lung diseases, and diabetes that are recorded in the documents. John Bel Edwards Governor of Louisiana state also noted that those people who are infected with any type of chronic disease could easily get affected with this novel respiratory disease. 

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Manglam Rajawat