9 Best Historical Dramas On Netflix

9 Best Historical Dramas On Netflix

Some people study history in the academy, which is good, but many people do not because they find it boring. However, for those who consider a Netflix intellectual, there is no best way to fill the head with the information of older days’ major events than through the fictionalized and smart accounts of TV’s best historical dramas on Netflix.

Although historical dramas might not always be right — at least The Tudors included the basis in-between those love scenes — they make history amazing with high-stakes drama and rich costumes that are most absolutely way out of your budget. And if you are with those who can not get enough of these exciting period pieces, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for amazing quality entertainment. In this article, we have shared some of the best historical TV shows on Netflix.

List Best Historical Shows On Netflix


Diana Gabaldon’s top-selling books come to life in this wonderful show leading Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. When Claire Randall, a combat medic in WWII, is quickly moved to the year 1743, she sees herself traveling a dangerous new existence where her life is continually frightening. Forced to wed with Scottish fighter Jamie out of safety, their arrange marriage turns into a deep love affair that exceeds space and time. Watch the first three seasons on Netflix.


The kingdom is a South Korean show based on the year 1592 , like Game of Thrones, just better. A king falls sick and sparks a disease that finds people awakening from the dead. With the virus starting to increase, it is up to the (Ju Ji-hoon) – Crown Prince Lee Chang to not only defend his father’s dangerous secret but also find a way to prevent the disease from progressing toward the capital while preventing a stroke against his family.

Season 2, which is now streaming, strikes up with the undead now walking freely, and the Crown Prince is managing to win allies to help him regain the throne while the (Kim Hye-jun)- Queen Consort Cho plans to control the undead.

The Crown

This rich show allows a close look at Queen Elizabeth’s govern, recording her personal show, political rivalries, romances, and the historical experiences that formed not only her life but that of the following half of the 20th century. Netflix stated that in January, this show would be finished after Season 5, with Imelda Staunton acting as the titular ruler.

Seasons 1-2, which explore the beginning years of Elizabeth’s govern, leading Claire Foy in the titular part. Colman takes over for Claire Foy in Season 3 as the queen goes in middle age. Season 4 will again lead Olivia Colman, and an opening date has not yet been released.

Alias Grace

Based on the novel (Margaret Atwood), this Canadian short series focuses on Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon), a domestic servant and an Irish immigrant accused of killing her boss and other servants. It is a dramatic crime show with striking social review as a psychologist shows whether or not Grace was forced to insult at the hands of her rich overlord, should be justified by reason of madness.

Peaky Blinders

In the outcome of WWI, Britain is a nest for desperation and criminal actions as regular citizens, returning soldiers. Local gangs struggle for survival in the center of economic disruption. This show set in 1919 cities on the ill-famed Peaky Blinders gang managed by (Cillian Murphy)- Thomas Shelby, a war hero who aims to someday go legitimate. His everyday actions are threatened by the appearance of Inspector Chester Campbell, an expert out of Belfast seeing to rid Britain’s paths of the violent crime.

The Tudors

This steamy shot at the early ages of Henry VIII’s govern worked for four seasons started 2007 and follows up the political plan and explicit views that are sure to make you blush, so do not watch with your parents. The show included the king’s political struggles, but more importantly, his passionate relations with Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragorn. Starring swoon-worthy characters that include Henry Cavill and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.


Comfortable digs, quite coifed wigs, and a fancy dress enhance this grand 2015 French show is about King Louis XIV of France. With the nobleman the verge of rebelling against the government, the mustached king goes French court out from Paris to Versailles, the place of his father’s old hunting inn, in an attempt to manage them. But it is soon realized that their beautiful new home is nothing but a cage full of lies, secrets, and vicious politics.

The Borgias

This Showtime drama chronicles Rodrigo’s rising to popehood through extortion, bribery, and torture at the time of the Renaissance period. The show, which flaunts an all-star cast hosted by Jeremy Irons as the evil cardinal, features drama, sex, and profanity, which means it is definitely worth checking out.

The Last Kingdom

If you are truly into Game of Thrones, then you will likely dig this action-loaded show set in 9th era England when the country was split into seven kingdoms — all at war. The Last Kingdom, based on the novel by Bernard Cornwell.

The tale follows Uhtred, who must walk a deadly path as he is forced to decide between the nation he was raised and the one in which he was born. It may not have dragons, but you will not be going to bored with the interconnected show and impressive sword battles. Season 4, which is now running, sees our hero the most helpless he’s ever been.

Final Words

Netflix loves revisiting history and bringing to light several tales that are based on or motivated by real-life experiences. The historical story combines some of the greatest details of storytelling: costume or period dramas, whole casts in interlocking narratives, imitations of true events, or people.

All of which can send audiences back in time without them ever having to leave their couch. So we have mentioned above some of the best historical dramas on Netflix. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.