China bury Rapid Test Kit Failure In India

China bury Rapid Test Kit Failure In India

China and India have moved to different forms of cooperation for combating COVID-19 after ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) canceled orders of preliminary Chinese testing kit were found allegedly defective.

The cancellation has also put an end to the rising controversy over the opportunistic markup by over 60 percent, by the two Indian companies that imported these rapid testing kit for supplying them over to ICMR. There was a court case going on between the two companies that eventually bought huge markup in view of the public.

Some sources reported that India would continue depending on China heavily in the future even after the attempts of manufacturing ventilators, inexpensive, rapid testing kits, and PPE ( personal protection equipment).
In order to be relevant to relief efforts globally, even though the position of India is of primary supplier of preventive medicines and COVID antibiotics, the country has no other choice but to depend on China- because it supplies around 90 percent raw materials to India.

The Chinese embassy in India put in all efforts to salvage the reputation of both the suppliers of antibody rapid test kits. The embassy put forth many explanations after getting to know about the embarrassing failure of test kits. India does not seem to be too worried even after the energetic diplomatic footwork that enabled a South Korean company in India to start the production of new rapid test kits in India. The company is SD Biosensor, and the production capacity can be ramped up to manufacture five lakh rapid test kits every week if needed.

The Chinese fought back and said that Indians are not using the test kit properly and later mooted the consultation with the manufacturing firms, might be silent because there have been similar reports about the country from other nations as well.

Beijing claimed that only India has claimed to have faulty results from rapid test kits, and the company is certified by the Chinese regulator, and no one else has reported any faults. However, Sashi Tharoor, Congress leader, then presented a compilation of a list of all the countries that expressed dissatisfaction with the Chinese rapid testing kits to fight the claim made b Beijing. According to the leader, only 30 percent accuracy is reported by these kits in Spain, 40 percent in the Philippines, and 35 percent in Turkey. Netherland and Italy stopped using these kits for testing.

“Regarding the current issue occurred, we hope the Indian side could respect China’s goodwill and sincerity, strengthen communication timely with relevant Chinese companies based on facts, and resolve it reasonably and properly,” Chinese embassy spokesperson Ji Rong said, She also indicated that Beijing is out of the picture, and the issue is now to be handled between ICMR and the two companies.

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Shubhrata Choudhary