Coronavirus Update: The Disease claims more than 3,000 Deaths Worldwide

Coronavirus Update: The Disease claims more than 3,000 Deaths Worldwide

Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. It is claiming more and more deaths as the days are passing. The latest coronavirus update is that it has claimed more than 3,000 deaths worldwide. Over 90,000 people are suffering from the infection by the coronavirus disease. Below are some coronavirus updates and symptoms, check them out.

Coronavirus Symptoms

coronavirus symptoms

Latest Coronavirus Update:

We all know that it started in Wuhan, China, but it has started spreading across the globe real quick. Below are some latest cases country wise.

Germany: More than 150 cases are being reported.

 According to the Robert Koch Institute, Germany has now crossed 150 plus cases up till today. The Robert Koch Institute is a research institute and, German federal government agency responsible for disease control and prevention. 

Taiwan: A total of 41 cases 

Till now, 41 cases have been registered in Taiwan. Taiwan’s Center for Disease & Control has updated that 12 out of 41 cases have recovered successfully and have been discharged from the hospital.

USA: 24 new cases since last weekend.

A total of 89 cases are reported in the States after more than two dozen new cases found out in the past weekend. Warnings and travel restrictions have been issued due to this sudden outbreak.

Japan has canceled its Fashion week in fear of coronavirus

Japan has canceled its fashion week just after Shanghai announced to postpone its fashion week. Earlier Google cancelled its major conference due to coronavirus outbreak.

Singapore: 4 new coronavirus cases found out

A total of 106 cases have been registered till today after health officials reported these four new cases. A travel advisory has been issued in public interest.

Italy: 1700 total cases are reported, including 34 deaths in the past two weeks.

This European country has reported 1700 cases, including 34 deaths in the past two weeks. Strict travel & health advisory has been issued for the public.

South Korea: 4212 in total, with 26 death cases have been registered.

With a terrifying 476 new cases, the total coronavirus cases have risen to 4212 in South Korea. The disease caused Twenty-six deaths in the country. 

Australia: Three more cases reported.

The new update is that three new cornavirus disease cases are being registered in Australia.

Kuwait: 10 more cases reported.

The latest update is that ten more cases are registered in Kuwait; these are the people who traveled to Iran recently.

The list of coronavirus infections,  updates till the 28th Feb.


coronavirus update

Belgium (1 case)     

Brazil (2 cases)     

Cambodia (1 case)    

Canada (24 cases)     

Croatia (6 cases)    

Czech Republic (1 case) 

Afghanistan (1 case)    

Algeria (1 case)

Armenia (1 case)

Australia (30 cases, 1 death)     

Austria (10 cases)    

Bahrain (47 cases)     

Belarus (1 case)     

France (100 cases, 2 deaths)    

Georgia (1 case) 

Sweden (13 cases)     

Switzerland (18 cases)     

Taiwan (40 cases, 1 death)     

Thailand (43 cases, 1 death)    

United Arab Emirates (19 cases)   

UK (35 cases)    

USA  (89 cases, 2 deaths)   

Vietnam (16 cases) 

Denmark (3 case)

Dominican Republic (1 case)

Ecuador (6 cases)   

Egypt (2 cases)     

Estonia (1 case)    

Finland (3 case)    

Germany (111 cases)     

Greece (7 cases)    

Hong Kong (98 cases, 2 deaths)     

Iceland (1 case)   

India (3 cases)     

Indonesia (2 cases)

Iran (978 cases, 54 deaths)     

Iraq (19 cases)   

Ireland (1 case)    

Israel (7 cases)     

Italy (1,694 cases, 34 deaths)    

Japan (944 cases, 12 deaths)     

Kuwait (46 cases)     

Lebanon (10 cases)   

Lithuania (1 case)   

Luxembourg (1 case)

Macao (10 cases)    

Malaysia (25 cases)     

Mexico (5 cases)   

Monaco (1 case)   

Nepal (1 case)    

Netherlands (7 cases)   

New Zealand (1 case)   

Nigeria (1 case)   

North Macedonia (1 case)     

Norway (15 cases)     

Oman (5 cases)    

Pakistan (4 case)     

Philippines (3 cases, 1 death) 

Qatar (3 cases)     

Romania (3 cases)     

Russia (5 cases)

San Marino (1 case)

Singapore (102 cases)     

South Korea (4,212 cases, 26 deaths) 

Spain (73 cases)     

Sri Lanka (1 case)     

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