Coronavirus in India: Total Confirmed Cases Rises to 6 Including One Italian Tourist

Coronavirus in India: Total Confirmed Cases Rises to 6 Including One Italian Tourist

The deadly Coronavirus is continuously spreading and has reached more than 70 countries. The virus has infected approximately 90,000 people and has killed almost 3,000 people till now. The first case was detected in China in December 2019. The cases of Coronavirus in India have reached six, including one Italian tourist.

India has reported two fresh cases of Coronavirus on March 3, 2020- one in Telangana and another in Delhi. The person who was detected in Delhi had been in Italy, and the person who was detected in Telangana had been in Dubai. The government of India said that both the persons were stable and are being carefully examined. 

Harsh Vardhan, Health Minister of India, said: “The government is monitoring the situation at the highest level.

The authorities of India are screening travelers coming to the nation from 12 countries. In the case detected in Rajasthan, the hospital officials of Jaipur said that approximately 15 people, including doctors, patients, and staff members who might have come in contact with the patient, would also be tested.

The three other cases of Coronavirus in India who were detected positive have been discharged from the hospitals. The Kerala government informed that the patients are in quarantine in their houses.

India is the second most populated country in the world after China. The government of India has advised the people of the country to avoid traveling to highly affected countries, including China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy.  

Outbreak of Coronavirus in Other Parts of the World

China, the place from where the virus has an outbreak, has reported 42 new deaths from the deadly virus on March 2, 2020. With this, the death toll of the country has increased to 2,912. The number of deaths in Iran is 66, South Korea is 22, and in Italy, it is 34. 

After China, South Korea is another nation where the cases of Coronavirus are continuously rising. On March 1, 2020, 500 new cases of Coronavirus have been reported in South Korea, which has raised the number of infected people to 4,000.  

India Expands the Screening of Passengers on Airport

Due to rising cases of Coronavirus in India, the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of the Indian Aviation said that in order to prevent the spread of deadly Coronavirus in the country, it had been decided to carry out the screening of passengers coming in flights from Iran and Italy. Apart from these two countries, the screening of travelers arriving from China, Singapore, Japan, Nepal, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia will also be conducted. 

Rashmi Saini