Coronavirus Is Still On Infecting Citizens Of New York City, Reported New Cases In 5 Round

Coronavirus Is Still On Infecting Citizens Of New York City, Reported New Cases In 5 Round

Coronavirus is spreading all over the country at an alarming rate, due to which the state has decided to fill hospitals only for those who are in severe condition. But the point of concern is that, even after taking all these measures and controlling the people’s congregation, there are a number of new positive cases reporting in New York City released on Thursday morning. This is the greatest shock for the city as the spread of deadly coronavirus is hitting the citizens, and new cases are reported even after months. 

State officials earlier stated that about 21.2% of residents of New York City would get affected by the coronavirus. Based on the first round testing results Governor Andrew Cuomo said that about 2.7 million in which 13.9% state population gets infected from the virus. 

However, the number of confirmed or infected residents is far more than that of the estimation made by state officials, on Thursday afternoon, a total number of confirmed cases are calculated more than 269,000 positive patients.


On Thursday at the news conference, Gov. Cuomo told the reporters, “This basically quantifies what we’ve seen anecdotally and what we have known, but it puts numbers to it.”


The growing number of cases is not only the major concern, but hospitals also restrict the people from testing as there are limited numbers of kits and shortage of essential tools. They are only taking the cases of major issues, and people with mild or no symptoms are sending back that can lead to some problem in the future, say the officials. 


So to check the number of infected people, state officials use another method of collecting the data. They have set up outside the stores and food markets in 19 counties and tested about 3,000 residents randomly that shows antibodies have fought against viruses whether they were aware of it or not. 

This extrapolated sample is used to estimate the numbers of infected patients in New York by state officials, showing that NYC is the epicenter of the deadly virus in the United States. However, Gov. Cuomo said that the process of testing people randomly is not appropriate, and he also emphasized on showing the data of actual testing patients, not the concrete data. 


Cuomo said, “It is vital for any state, I believe, to first get a baseline study of where you are on the infection rate.” He added, “All we know to date is the hospitalization rate. How many people are coming to hospitals? That is all we have been tracking.”

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Manglam Rajawat