How will be life post Coronavirus lock down and cities reopen?

How will be life post Coronavirus lock down and cities reopen?

In some countries, the lockdown has started to ease a little, and US states are giving the restless people a little freedom of movement and also trying rev up the economy.

However, this could mean different things for business, hiking trails, malls, schools, and restaurants, at different places. The rules will change from city to city.

The situation will change rapidly post lockdown, and your life will be so different than before. In the US, a strict three-phase plan has been implied to open the lockdown, including “ strict physical distancing protocols” for gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, worship houses, stadiums, etc.


Restaurants and bars

Closed cafes and restaurants are likely to reopen with roll back measures to keep the employees and customers safe. People will be welcomed with extra sanitation, and servers may be wearing gloves, and menus might be disposable. You may see the table being sanitized between parties.

The biggest challenge arises because of the inability to wear a mask while eating at a diner. As coronavirus can spread via droplets while you breathe and speak, and not only while sneezing or coughing, then eating food indoors is riskier.

There is no clear information about whether the air conditioning causes some kind of airflow inside the restaurant that could infect healthy customers, because of an asymptomatic diner.

Gyms, hair salons, movie theaters

Grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, and other essential businesses are open currently, but clothing boutiques and hair salons are not.chances when these stores reopen, the size of the customer allowed inside the store will be a lot less than earlier and would depend upon the size of the retail store.

Strict hygiene precautions will be put in place, like wearing a mask, sanitizing hands before and after leaving the store.


Schools and universities

Online learning is being followed everywhere right now, but what next? Government and school officials, teachers all are trying to create policies to maintain social distancing between the student to stop the possible transmission of the virus.

Schools are reopened in Denmark for younger students. Desks are set up at a distance, toys are being disinfected, sharing of food is not allowed, and not playing in big groups.

Concerts, amusement parks, sports, and major events

Georgia is moving the plan to lift the lockdown on tattoo parlors, gyms, and hair salons with enforces hygiene and distancing guidelines.

All the major gatherings and events are continued to be canceled worldwide, including 2020 Tokyo Olympic’s, Germany’s annual Oktoberfest Celebration, and all the major sports events. 

Disneyland and music festivals and other amusement parks that attract large gatherings are still closed or postponed until further notice.



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Shubhrata Choudhary