Coronavirus Updates: Italy Highest Death Tolls in One Day

Coronavirus Updates: Italy Highest Death Tolls in One Day

Deadly coronavirus is spreading rapidly and is leading to a rise in death tolls at a faster pace. In Italy, the cases of coronavirus are continuously increasing, and the country has recorded the highest death tolls in a single day. Spain has also recorded the highest death in one day.

On Friday, the authorities of coronavirus in Rome announced 5,986 new cases and recorded 627 new deaths. The total number of infected people in the country is 47,021, and the number of fatalities due to coronavirus raised to 4,032.

In pain, the death toll has increased to 1,002, and the death rates registered in 24 hours were 235, which is the highest-ever increase. According to the latest updates, there are 19,980 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Spain. Army specialists in the country are to assist in disinfecting care homes as the virus has claimed around 50 lives at the facilities of elderly care in the country. 

In northern Italy, the army is deployed to help in moving bodies as funeral services in the nation are overwhelmed. The army will also help the police in the lockdown in Lombardy. In this regard, the president of the region Attilio Fontana said: “The request to use the army is accepted, and 114 soldiers will be on the ground”. She further said, “It is not enough, but positive.”

Due to the continuous rise in death tolls, the citizens of Germany have been warned that they would be restricted to their homes on Monday if this weekend they do not behave responsibly.

Coronavirus has infected around 255,000 people across the globe and has caused 10,400 fatalities. On Thursday, Italy overtook China as the place of the biggest outbreak. 

The Response Coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, Deborah Birx, said that the for young people virus is less deadly; however, the data obtained from Italy indicates that death rates are high for men of all the age groups. She said, “No one is immune. We know it’s highly contagious to everyone”. 

In most of the European countries, bars, non-essential shops, nightclubs, kindergartens, and schools have been shut down. In addition to this, people are advised to avoid unnecessary social contact as a measure to avoid full-scale lockdown. 

Rashmi Saini