Disinfect your Car and Home to kill Corona Virus after going out

Disinfect your Car and Home to kill Corona Virus after going out

Sanitize the surfaces in your home with the help of these EPA-approved disinfectant products to keep your sanctuary clean and germ-free.



Coronavirus has put countries in lockdown and forced millions of people around the world to stay indoors. There are still many places where you can go out to run important errands, such as buying medicine, groceries, and foods. This means that you a veto be extra cautious when stepping out of the house. When out, you need to be extra careful of touching shopping carts and counters; otherwise, you will end up bringing germs home. One way to minimize the risk of getting the Covid-19 coronavirus is to keep your home and belongings disinfected.

Washing your hands after every 30 minutes is the best step you can take to clean your hands, but the virus might be clinging at other surfaces, like clothes, car shoes, and, most importantly, your phone. The EPA has published a list of effective disinfectant products to kill the virus.

Here are five different ways you can sanitize your house from the deadly coronavirus. 

· Use disinfectant wipes– you touch multiple things many times a day like sinks, doorknobs, cabinet, refrigerator, handles, remote controls, etc. Imagine how many germs might be lingering on these kitchen objects you don’t know about. Home is a place where you feel less worried and not think of washing hands as frequently when you are outside. To stay clear of germs, use disinfectant wipes to sanitize all the areas you might have touched after coming from outside. If someone in your house is sick, clean the surfaces more often. Let the area air dry to kill any lingering germs.

· Use disinfectant spray- objects like couch and carpet that are impossible to wipe, use a disinfectant spray like one from Lysol, to kill those unseen germs. Spray the disinfectant in a sweeping motion to cover the entire surface of the objects. Let it air dry completely. You can use this spray on countertops, tables, mattresses. If you have run out of wipes, spray the disinfectant into tissue or paper towels and wipe smaller surfaces like sink handles.

· Use bleach mixtures- your shoes step on so many surfaces and gross things during the day. If you don’t take your shoes off outside the home, you will end up bringing the virus inside. CDC recommends using 1 cup bleach and 5 gallons of water mixed together, to clean the floors in your home. Use a disinfectant mop wet cloth on hardwood floors or combine half cup white vinegar with 1 gallon of water to clean the floors.

· Use hydrogen peroxide- hydrogen peroxide is not only used for cleaning teeth, but the CDC also says that 3% of hydrogen peroxide can make the rhinovirus inactive within 8 minutes. Pour the substance on the surface directly like the sink, toilets, and countertops and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Scrub the area later and rinse with water. You can also clean your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide since toothbrushes are harbor ground for bacteria.

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Shubhrata Choudhary