Daily Deaths From Coronavirus Doubling While President Urging To Reopen The Economy

Daily Deaths From Coronavirus Doubling While President Urging To Reopen The Economy

The spread of coronavirus and new cases is continuing to grow, predicts the modeling from CDC or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals the data that show coronavirus spreading nationwide, and continuous new cases are reporting, despite this situation President is urging state officials to reopen the economy. 

The Federal Emergency Management Administration compiled a report by taking the data provided by the CDC showed that the number of deaths from the coronavirus virus is double from 1,750 deaths to 3,000 deaths daily by the beginning of June. Data also showed that the number of newly infected cases would increase by 700% till the end of the month, May, increasing from the current patients from 25,000 to 200,00. 

However, in this growing number of patients due to pandemic, President Trump urges state officials to reopen the economy. In response to the President’s urges, the local leaders allowed businesses to shuttered and work from home orders throughout the nation, whereas the state officials allowed some businesses to reopen by following the social distancing protocols. 

The report from FEMA and CDC says that “There remains a large number of counties whose burden continues to grow or are in an elevated incidence plateau, including in the Great Lakes region, parts of the Southeast, Northeast, and around southern California,” they showed the map of the United States in which the coronavirus hotspot areas are highlighted. 


In a statement emailed to Newsweek, White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said that the Coronavirus Task Force had not reviewed the report.


Judd Deere, White House Deputy for Press Secretary, emailed a statement to Newsweek that, “This is not a White House document nor has it been presented to the Coronavirus Task Force or gone through interagency vetting. This data is not reflective of any of the modeling done by the task force or data that the task force has analyzed.” He added, “The President’s phased guidelines to open up America again are a science-driven approach that the top health and infectious disease experts in the federal government agreed with,” 

Judd Deere further stated that “The health of the American people remains President Trump’s top priority and that will continue as we monitor the efforts by states to ease restrictions.”

However, the health experts show their concerns towards taking proper precautions while businesses are allowed to reopen. 

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Manglam Rajawat