List of 5 Best Movies of All Time To Watch During Lock down

List of 5 Best Movies of All Time To Watch During Lock down

Have you run out of everything to watch during the lockdown? Why don’t you just look back and pluck out some of the gem movies that you missed to watch?

There are some best of all the movies so far that you should definitely watch and what better time than the lockdown. Here are some of the best movies after 2010 that you should watch in quarantine.

Five best movies to watch:

 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

This is one of the best action movies of all time. The entire plot of the movie is based on a bonkers chasing sequence. The cinematic views are jaw-dropping. Miller used about 3,500 storyboards and 480 hours of raw footage. Millers came over every roadblock that came in front of him, location change, recasting, creative resets before he achieved the much wanted high-octane insanity.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

No doubt this movie won the Best Animated Feature at the 2018 Oscars. More than 140 animators came together to combine the computer animation to mimic the comic book look with hand-drawn style. Fresh storytelling, inventive visuals, embracing comic books wackiness makes this first non-white spider man the best movie.

Boyhood (2014)

Boyhood is a miracle movie. Richard Linklater wanted to tell the story of growing up and filmed young Ellar Coltrane for 12 years from the age of 6-18. The character is named Mason who lived with his divorced parents in Texas. Boyhood lost to Birdman in Best Picture Oscar.  

Get Out (2017)

This is the modern time’s horror movie. The movie is a perfect mix of comedy. Horror and racism satire. This movie is sure to entertain you with the accurate timing of the punchline and horror scenes.  

 Lady Bird (2017)

Lady Bird on paper looks like a conventional coming of age story. It covers the basic milestones of teenagers, going to prom, losing virginity, graduation. The movie shows the relationship of 17-year-old Christine who likes to be called ladybird and her mother, Marion who is very hardworking and barely appreciated. 

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