Exotic Cat Breeds That You Can Keep At Home Legally

Exotic Cat Breeds That You Can Keep At Home Legally

Exotic Cat breeds are what cat lovers looking for and want to keep one with themselves. However, it is found that there are so many people like you and me who no clue about or know little about such cat breeds.

Like dog breeds, there are several types of cat breeds that most of the people are unaware of.

Most people even don’t know much about regular domestic cat breeds. Thus, it is sure that most of us are unaware and surely unavailable about the exotic cat breeds. 

These exotic cat breeds are rare, and some of them mixed with the jungle cats. Some of these exotic cat breeds require legal permissions and license to keep them at home. 

There are some exotic cats which can be great for cat lovers and best for making them their pet. Surprisingly, these cats are easily available at the animal adoption store. 

In this article, we have talked about some of the coolest and rarest exotic cat breeds that you can also keep at your home legally. 

Different Types Of Exotic Cat Breeds

Japanese Bobtail

This is one of the ancient cat breeds native to Japan, as the name suggests, from many centuries. This breed is called Bobtail as they have short and stubby nob tails naturally just like rabbits. 

As this cat breed has a short tail, some of the Japanese natives say pom poms balls are attached to them. 

Japanese Bobtails is an exotic cat breed that is extremely friendly and attracts so much attention from the people. 

This cat breed comes under the more vocal as well as an active exotic cat that meows a lot and requires exercising activities to entertain themselves. 

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau is considered to be the oldest breed among cats found across the world. This breed is considered to be related to the felines that were kept within the pharaohs company during Ancient Egypt. 

This breed is known for its intelligence, incredible expressiveness, and unique grace that is not common among normal cat breeds.

Keeping a cat that you know belongs with ancestral roots is an amazing feeling. Also telling about such breeds to your friends and family members is another level of excitement. 


In case you want to keep an exotic cat breed that also has higher chances of winning in the beauty pageants, then Somali cat breed is for you. 

These mesmerizing looking cats have a regal aura around them and have a mixing looks of feline and fox. 

This cat breed is very mischievous, playful and is popular for making playing tricks over their owners. 


This cat breed does not look like the other exotic cat breeds, and some of the people even do not consider them as exotic breeds. It is basically due to its tail and no tail on there, but. 

There is also Japanese Bobtail with a stubby poof on there, but Manx does not have any tail on their bottom. 

Due to their lack of a tail, so many people also call this exotic cat breed as Stubbins or Rumpies. Another interesting feature about this breed is that their legs at the back are longer than the front legs. This feature of the Manx breed makes them look like hop while they walk. 

This breed is known for its characteristics like gentleness, playfulness, and picky nature for some things. 

If you like to have a cat that plays with you as well as greet you with lots of love, then Manx’s is the best cat breed for you.

Cornish Rex

This is the most beautiful looking exotic cat breed and comes in the list of most popular as well as favorite cat breeds.

Cornish Rex is not a rare cat breed, but still, this exotic cat breed turns the heads of many people who glance at the cat. 

The amazing feature about this cat breed is that it is the only cat breed with short hair that also has curly hairs found in the world. 

In several ways, Cornish Rex resembles commonness with the Siamese cat breed. This cat breed is playful, needs attention, and inquisitive in nature. 

Not only this, but the Cornish Rex cat breed is also the best breed to choose for hypoallergenic purposes. T

his breed sheds less, produces a small amount of dander, and does not cause any allergy.  This makes it the right option as a domestic, exotic cat breed.


You may get mesmerized while seeing this cat live. This is one of the best exotic cat breeds that everyone likes to have one at their home as they come to know about this breed. 

This breed looks like a small tiger and has a personality with people’s head-turning appearance. This breed gets their hair patterns from Asian Jungle Cats, the ancestor breed from which this breed is derived.

Cornish Rex breed may have looked similar to a tiger as well as it is rare too. But with the legal permissions, you can have this cat breed at your home, and it has good domestic characteristics.

This breed may be rambunctious, and this breed is completely legal to have kept at your home. Bengal breed is not available at every pet store, but you can buy them from the specialized cat breed store.  

Pixie Bob

One of the most popular and mesmerizing exotic cat breeds that I can tell you is the Pixie Bob. This cat breed is derived from the cross of domestic and bobcat breeds. 

Pixie is similar in looks to the Chausie cat breed, which is again not the best pet option for the new owner who never has any prior experience. 

In case you have a good experience of keeping pets, then you will love this stocky build, big paws, and stubby tail cat. 

This is also energetic, has strong muscles, and can be a great companion if you like to have a wild-looking pet in your home.  


This is a massive and three feet long exotic cat breed that is non-domestic, but you can keep it in your home. There are no such legal conditions announced by the many states to make this breed as your pet. 

This breed is highly energetic, playful, super-intelligent, as well as like to walk with a leash. However, they become skittish if strangers suddenly appear in front of them. Similar to the other exotic cat breeds, they also love to fetch, play with their owners and bounce here and there when they are in a playful mood.

Dragon Li

So many people recognize this breed as the grey tabby, but no, this is a Dragon Li. This breed come in the list of exotic cat breeds found in the world. Not only are these the exotic breed, but they are also rare, with only four cats registered all over America.

In China, Dragon Li is the oldest cat breed with so much popularity among all over the nation. 

There is folklore about Dragon Li cat breed, and so many people believe that they have come from the mountain cat breeds. 

This cat breed is so revered that even important occasions like weddings or any can be put on hold if they pass by. 

This cat breed is also good at catching mice and staying very gentle with their owners. This exotic cat breed is also known for its intelligence and brave cat breed found in the world. 


Savannah is the popular and demanded exotic cat breed that is derived from the lineage of the wild cat breed. This cat breed is called Savannah as they are hybrid cats with domestic and jungle cats, known as Serval. 

Savannah breed is also further divided into other categories on the basis of how far they are different from the pure serval looks.

For instance, F1 Savannah has 50% of the wild cat look, and 50% of the domestic cat look. F2 Savannah has only 25% of wild cats, and 75% of the domestic cat looks.

Savannah is a tall cat breed with lots of energy. They also have a good appetite so need to offer them food that is especially for exotic cat breeds.  You can check here the best food for exotic cats and can use them to feed your cat.

These cat also require high-intensity activities to keep their natural characteristics to stay balanced. 

You can walk them with a leash as you have for a dog, and they also love to fetch play with their owner. In case you are looking for a cat that is so active and likes to play like a dog. Then this exotic breed will give you everything that you are looking for in a pet. 


These are the tiny tiger looking exotic cat breeds with black stripes on their body. This cat breed is becoming the favorite cat breed among the people or cat lovers who like to keep a pet cat with wild looks. 

So many have now recognized this cat breed as the legit cat breed to keep at home, and there are no such restrictions issued by states. 

In case you want to have a playful breed with small height and wild looks, this is the best type of exotic cat breed you can keep at your home.


These types of cats look similar to baby ocelots. This cat breed is domestic from so many years and part of so many homes. 

This cat breed is active and likes to play with its owner. They need attention and love to get a cuddle from their owner. 

Ocicat breed has wild looks and is muscular as compared with other cat breeds. They are so cute that you can’t resist yourself from cuddling them and playing with them every time you come back home. 


As most of the exotic cat breeds look like they are crossed among the cat with wild animals.  But Chausie is a cat breed that is legitimately crossed with a domestic cat with a genuine wild cat.

This is the reason why this breed also looks like a small lion. This breed weighs about 35-40 pounds and is taller than most domestic cats. Taming this cat breed can be hard for you if they are in the feral state.

In case you are a new pet owner and do not have any prior experience of handling pets or any animal, then this breed is not for you. 

Final Words

I hope this article is interesting and tells you more about the exotic cat breeds that are unknown to you.

To be honest, while making this blog on Exotic Cat Breeds in the world. It is one of the wonderful blogging experiences for me as I, too, was unaware of such cat breeds. 

After researching the most popular and domestic friendly exotic cat breeds found in the world, I too have added something to my storehouse and like to share the same with you. 

The best part about these exotic cat breeds is that you can also keep them at your home, and there are no such legal restrictions on you. 

However, it is always better to ask permission and legal requirements required for keeping such cats in your house.

Manglam Rajawat