How to Stop Dog Aggression? Causes and Ways to Stop Aggression.

How to Stop Dog Aggression? Causes and Ways to Stop Aggression.

Do you know what makes your dog angry? Are you aware of the types of aggression dogs have? Here in this article, we have discussed some of the aggressive dog training that will stop the aggression of your dog . If you don’t know the reason behind your dog’s aggression, here we have mentioned why they behave aggressively.

Aggression is common in dogs, due to which some owners provide their dogs a professional training to avoid any big issue.

There are various signs which show that your dog is angry. But aggression can’t be cured overnight, so here we have listed some of the tips to make them calm.

The Reason Behind your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior in a dog is considered to be the attack, which includes signs such as becoming rigid, growling, baring teeth, snarling, and biting.

 Aggression in dogs is common, but the reason for aggression differs. 

An aggressive German shepherd dog

Dogs can become aggressive because of- 

  • someone approaches while they’re chewing flash or a bone
  • Children or strangers.
  • other animals
  • moving vehicles 

These are some of the major things that can make a dog aggressive. Here we have listed the major types of aggression found in dogs.

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Common types of dog aggression

  • Territorial aggression– here, dog defends itself from others.
  • Defensive aggression: the dog attacks in defense. 
  • Social aggression: The dog attacks aggressively on other dogs in social situations.
  • Protective aggression: aggression against other animals while trying to protect their own pack members.
  • Possessive aggression: The dog protects bones, toys, food, and other objects of value.  
  • Fear aggression: attacks due to fear. 
  • Frustration-elicited aggression: attacks out of frustration.
  • Pain-elicited aggression: The dog shows aggression when it’s injured or in pain.
  • Predatory aggression: The dog behaves aggressively without much warning. 
Trainer teaching the dog to stop aggression

Signs showing that your dog may become aggressive

Here we have listed some of the signs that your dog may become aggressive

  • Seeing whites of the eyes
  • Snapping and growling 
  • Raised fur
  • Quickly wagging tail
  • Rigid body
  • Tail tucking and cowering
  • Averting gaze
  • Yawning or lip licking 

Many of these signs must be considered as warning signs to stay alert.

signs of dog aggression

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Ways to Stop Aggression in dogs 

 Aggression cannot be cured easily, but it is not an impossible deed. It would be best if you make daily notes to check on the daily activities of your dog.  

There are many ways to handle the hostility and help it to remain relaxed and calm. It is obvious that It will be cured with consistency, time, and with the help of a trainer or a professional doctor. 

  • Check the health of your dog 

Check if your dog’s health is fine or not. There are many cases where the dog becomes aggressive due to unhealthy conditioning. 

  • Aggressive dog training

Hire a trainer to train your dog. The trainer will help it to control aggression by teaching him self control techniques.   

  • Avoid giving punishments to your dog

It may be possible that your dog is aggressive because of the daily punishments. So try to avoid punishments to make them calm and free from excessive aggression.

  • Provide medications to your dog

If the situation is out of control, then take your dog to the doctor. Medications will help it to control excessive aggressive behavior. 

how to stop dog aggression by training

Final words

Aggressive behavior can be a common thing in dogs, but it can be cured with proper medications and treatment. You can easily check out the reason and type of aggression that your dog is currently facing. You can hire a trainer to start aggressive dog training which will help it to control excessive aggression.  

Dogs are sensitive concerns, and their health must be the utmost thing. If your dog’s situation is out of control, then contact a professional doctor to provide it a proper treatment. 


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