Google Explain The Way To Rank High On Search Engines

Google Explain The Way To Rank High On Search Engines

John Muller, the Senior Webmaster Analyst at Google, answers the questions regarding how to rank top on Google, and what are best SEO practices. 


He offered some insights that help in fighting against the competition to top rank on search engines. 


Muller says most of the SEO specialists think that getting more and more dofollow links on websites is the key to rank top on search engines. Whereas only building links is not the only thing you have to be concerned about. He also said that blaming the lack of good links or dofollow links is merely an excuse. It is not a right explanation for why your site is ranking lower than that of your competitor. 

Rather than seizing on lack of dofollow links, it is important to open the doors of the mind and explore other reasons of low rank and why others website on top. 

Settling for a specific excuse may close the mind thinking ability and hinders new ways to increase traffic on websites. Do not settle for excuses like dofollow is the main reason for low ranking because such excuses hamper the creative ways that take your website on top. 


How To Take Website On Top Ranking

Muller says the best practice to rank your website on top is not only dependent on link building, but it includes a larger area that one must focus on. 


  • Google search engines have also counted nofollow links as a part of link building under new rules. But it does not mean to build spammy links like commenting nofollow links that will not going to work. It means that nofollow links associated with normal websites can be counted as good link building practices. 
  • You can build nofollow links on niches websites and can link each other sites. 
  • Rather than focusing more on link building, it is better to focus on promoting the business on digital platforms and target the potential audience. 
  • Building good traffic to a website is to be proactive is much more needed than anything. Learn and figure out the effective way that attracts potential audiences and make you rank higher than that of your competitors. 
  • Avoid giving excuses why your website is not ranking rather work on the strategies. If you remain stuck to excuses, then you will never be able to learn the major reasons behind falling off your website rankings. 
  • Rather focusing only on what is wrong with your link building does not help in improving rankings. Instead, you should focus on all the possible ways to be productive and create effective marketing strategies. 


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Manglam Rajawat