Google Introduces A Series That Show The Value Of SEO For Blog Posts

Google Introduces A Series That Show The Value Of SEO For Blog Posts

Google, for the first time, introduces a series that consists of the value of SEO for blog posts. The aim of Google is to show the success stories by which one can understand the value of SEO for blog posts.

Google says that these SEO case studies will help those newbies who think about whether to invest and convince them to use good SEO practices.  


“We want people to hear about these success stories, so we’re starting a new blog post series that features case studies.


They may, for example, help with convincing a boss’ boss that investing in SEO or implementing structured data can be good for the business,” says Google.


How SEO Practice Leads To Increase 93% In New Traffic


Gary Illyes from Google shared the first story in this series. He spoke to Moon Tea Sung, SEO manager, at the Google Webmaster Conference from Seoul. 


Tea Sung handles the SEO for a job platform company called Saramin situated in Korea.

The Saramin provides services like New Job postings, information regarding the company and their salary packages, conduct AI interviews and AI head hunting services. 

People of Korea use their website to apply for the job posting, searching for their kind of job, and read the information regarding their interest job. 


Tea Sung said, for the very first year, they were using Google Search Console to fix all the crawling errors detected by the Search Console. Alone this practice helps them in increasing their traffic by 15% as organic search traffic, which is a huge increment. Satisfied with this result, the Saramin company decided to invest more in SEO practices. 


How To Achieve Higher Gains With SEO

The next step Saramin company incorporated was to study all the guidelines and helping articles provided by the Search console. Illyes said, “SEO is a process that may take time to bear fruit.” Saramin also said that, till the last, we are focusing on implementing the changes that help improve our website ranking and connecting with more-and-more people. 

These Changes are as follow:

  • Remove all unhelpful and poorly written meta tags
  • Removing the duplicate content
  • Use of rel-canonical
  • Applied structured data

To incorporate these changes, they have used some other Google tools. Saramin said that they use the Structured Data Testing Tool, AMP Test, PageSpeed Insights, and Mobile-Friendly Test to improve website visibility. 

They noticed that by using all these additional tools, the Search Console reports that show red marks eventually turned into green. They also noticed that by following the guidelines provided by these tools, helps in accelerating the organic traffic on site. 

Saramin said, “The incremental changes reached a tipping point, and the traffic continued to rise at a more remarkable speed.


In the peak hiring season of September 2019, traffic doubled compared to the previous year.“


Thus, following the SEO practices, Saramin able to achieve a lead of 93% increase in their traffic from 9% from the previous time. 


Manglam Rajawat